Physik Instrumente P-737 PIFOC Piezo-Z Stage

PI’s (Physik Instrumente) P-737 PIFOC Piezo-Z Stage is a high performance nanopositioning Z control system. The P-737 is specifically designed for biotech research microscopes utilizing deconvolution and 3D imaging techniques. The P-737 PIFOC specimen Z-stage features up to 250 µm travel, millisecond responsiveness, and nanometer precise motion under closed-loop control.

The P-737 PIFOC stage is a new addition to the PIFOC brand of high-speed piezo objective Z-steppers. While no sample stage can beat the speed of the fastest PIFOC objective positioners (due to the stiffer, more compact design), the P-737 PIFOC stage allows for millisecond sample settling enabling convenient Z-stack imaging with multiple objectives and very high throughput. The fast response of the P-737 fully utilizes the high throughput of the latest digital imaging systems and achieves 10 to 50 times faster response than conventional stepper motor focus drives.

PI P-737 PIFOC Piezo-Z StageThe P-737 PIFOC stage is available with a number of analog and highly sophisticated digital piezo controllers and can be controlled through digital interfaces as well as by fast analog signals through a high-speed 0-10V input. The system is fully compatible with all leading imaging acquisition packages. For ease of integration, a comprehensive set of LabView drivers is included, even for the analog control option.

Features & Advantages

  • High-Speed Piezo Z-Motion with Travel Ranges to 250 µm
  • Nanometer Resolution
  • Large Clear Aperture to Accommodate Specimen Holders
  • Perfect Mechanical Fit to XY OEM Manual or Motorized Stages
  • Choice of Controllers: Digital, Analog w/ Display or Compact Controller
  • Custom Tuning for Highest Speed
  • Compatible w/ all Major Image Acquisition Packages
  • Closed-Loop for Nanometer Precise Motion Control

Application examples include 3D imaging, Z-stack acquisition, autofocusing, scanning, and alignment tasks in microscopy, biotechnology.

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