Enea dSPEED Platform

The dSPEED Platform, from Enea, is high availability platform designed to manage clusters of Digital Signal Processors (DSPs). dSPEED is a pre-integrated software platform for data plane processing targeting communications infrastructure line cards.

The dSPEED Platform extends the capabilities of Enea’s DSP RTOS OSE ck with a complete set of DSP management services that include: start up and configuration, error handling, monitoring and supervision, event notification, logging and tracing, diagnostics and statistics, and remote debugging. It provides a comprehensive suite of inter-process and network communications technologies. In addition, dSPEED can be integrated with Enea’s high availability middleware platform to provide carrier-grade services to remote DSP nodes in the data plane.

dSPEED Platform Highlights:

  • Full feature platform for controlling, monitoring, and debugging DSP farms
  • To debug and manage multiple DSP farms (blades) from a system wide perspective
  • Handle and manage errors to preserve robustness in high channel density systems
  • Find the root cause of a problem when debugging distributed heterogeneous systems
  • Fully scalable to the largest DSP farms
  • Extends services of OSEck Enea’s advanced DSP RTOS
  • Integrated with Enea’s Element HA Middleware
  • Leverage Enea’s LINX high performance IPC

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