News – 2007.12.13

ON Semiconductor Acquires AMI Semiconductor for $915 Million
ON Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ:ONNN) and AMIS Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMIS), parent company of AMI Semiconductor, announced the signing of a definitive merger agreement providing for the acquisition of AMIS by ON Semiconductor in an all-stock transaction with an equity value of approximately $915 million.

Agilent Debuts GoldenGate Plus for RFIC Simulation, Analysis, Verification
Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE:A) announced the availability of GoldenGate Plus for RFIC simulation, analysis and verification. Agilent’s GoldenGate Plus product line speeds the design of large-scale RFICs for wireless communication products. It combines the high-capacity GoldenGate simulator, acquired from Xpedion in 2006, with a customizable data display, electromagnetic (EM) simulation and system-level design and simulation.

LiMo Foundation Standardizes on Wind River Linux for CIE
Wind River Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:WIND), the global leader in Device Software Optimization (DSO), announced that the LiMo Foundation has selected Wind River’s commercial Linux technology as the foundation for its Common Integration Environment (CIE). The CIE solution, including Wind River’s unique build and configuration system with layers, mobile-optimized kernel distribution, and tool chain provides the fundamental building blocks that will help LiMo members fulfill the Foundation’s goal of reducing fragmentation in the Linux mobile handset market. This selection further validates Wind River’s position as the mobile industry’s standard open source platform provider since all LiMo member contributions will be based on this CIE.

HyperTransport 3.0 – An In-Depth Technical View Webcast
The HyperTransport(TM) Technology Consortium will present a live webcast, “HyperTransport 3.0 – An In-Depth Technical View,” highlighting the increased capabilities of HyperTransport 3.0 and the applications that they enable. The webcast will focus primarily on five new features introduced with this specification:

Nu Horizons Webinar Features Cirronet ZigBee Networking
The leader in ZigBee(TM) wireless sensor networking Cirronet, Inc., a subsidiary of RF Monolithics, Inc. (NASDAQ: RFMI), and its products distributor Nu Horizons Electronics Corp. (Nu Horizons) (NASDAQ:NUHC), invite original equipment manufacturer (OEM) design engineers to attend a free, online seminar on the latest in wireless sensor networking, ZigBee 2006 and ZigBee Pro. The webinar is scheduled for December 17, 2007 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm EST.

Mercury Computer Systems Unveils BSW-201 ATCA RapidIO/GigE Switch Blade
Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MRCY), the leading supplier of RapidIO(R)-based AdvancedTCA(R) (ATCA) solutions, announced availability of its newest high-performance ATCA blades for a broad range of high-bandwidth, low latency communications, industrial control, and defense applications.

O2Micro Receives Patent for FPGA VPN Firewall Upgrade System
O2Micro® International Limited (NASDAQ:OIIM) (SEHK:0457), a leading supplier of innovative power management, and security components and systems, was issued 17 claims under Great Britain (GB) patent number 2,425,627 for its Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) IC upgrade system in VPN Firewall solutions.

Samsung Creates MLCC Model Library for AWR’s Microwave Office
AWR®, the innovation leader in high-frequency electronic design automation (EDA), announced at the Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference (AMPC) that Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co. Ltd. (SEMCO) has created and released a model library of its state-of-the-art, high-density, miniaturized, surface-mount multilayer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCCs) for use within AWR’s Microwave Office® design suite. MLCCs are the most prevalent type of capacitor being utilized at present and their miniature size is well-suited for use in today’s increasingly small electronic devices such as cell phones and notebook computers.

Trolltech, KDE Team on Phonon Cross-Platform Multimedia Programming
Trolltech®, the leading cross-platform software development company, and KDE e.V. announced a technical collaboration on the development of Phonon, a cross-platform multimedia framework that makes it simple for programmers of all experience levels to incorporate multimedia functionality into their applications.

Korenix Rolls Out JetPort 5604 4-port Redundant Serial Device Server
The amount of energy from the sun that reaches Earth each day is enormous. All the energy stored in Earth’s reserves of coal, oil, and natural gas is equal to the energy in just 20 days of sunshine. While desert areas such as Arizona and Nevada get more sun than other parts of the United States, most areas receive enough sunshine to make solar energy practical.

Opera Files Antitrust Complaint Against Microsoft
Opera Software ASA, the only company that can put the Web on any device, filed a complaint with the European Commission yesterday which is aimed at giving consumers a genuine choice of Web browsers. The complaint describes how Microsoft is abusing its dominant position by tying its browser, Internet Explorer, to the Windows operating system and by hindering interoperability by not following accepted Web standards. Opera has requested the Commission to take the necessary actions to compel Microsoft to give consumers a real choice and to support open Web standards in Internet Explorer.

GE Fanuc Introduces NETernity GBX24, VXS24 Gigabit Ethernet Switches
Reaffirming the company’s commitment to delivering leading edge solutions for the VME environment, GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms announced two new Gigabit Ethernet switches. The NETernity(TM) GBX24 is a fully rugged 6U VME enabled 24-port Gigabit Ethernet fully-managed Layer 2/3 switch, while the NETernity VXS24 provides 24-port Gigabit Ethernet functionality for VXS (VITA 41.3) environments and is unique in offering a fully managed Layer 3 capability. Both feature full support for IPv6 – a key requirement of the Department of Defense – and both occupy only a single chassis slot. Management of the two switches is implemented using FASTPATH, providing the military industry standard for high performance, ease of use and compatibility across switches.

Hughes Selects Mercury Ensemble DSP-based AdvancedTCA Modules
Mercury Computer Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MRCY), the leading supplier of RapidIO(R)-based AdvancedTCA(R) (ATCA) and MicroTCA(R) (uTCA) solutions, announced it was awarded a multi-year contract by Hughes Network Systems, LLC (Hughes) to provide ATCA-based modules as part of a fully integrated communications platform. The contract will support multiple Hughes programs, including a satellite base-transceiver subsystem (S-BTS) and a satellite base station subsystem (SBSS).