ToneCore DSP Developer Kit

The ToneCore DSP Developer Kit is a solution for digital signal processor (DSP) software developers who create custom sounds for guitarists. The kit enables third-party audio DSP developers with little or no electronic design experience to quickly and easily program audio effects modules for Line 6 ToneCore guitar pedals. Now with the Line 6 ToneCore DSP Developer Kit, all audio designers who write DSP code can create and sell a portable, affordable, battery-powered, stereo audio hardware product for musicians and audio enthusiasts. All it takes is a PC and the kit.

The ToneCore DSP Developer Kit was jointly designed by Line 6 and Freescale Semiconductor. The kit has the essential elements a developer requires to program unique effects. The elements include the hardware platform (ToneCore Programmable Module), sample code and documentation. The end result of the kit is a custom ToneCore Module allowing a guitarist to swap out effects in their ToneCore pedal at any time.

The kit contains a special Line 6 Developer ToneCore Dock, which in addition to containing the Freescale Symphony audio DSP, audio circuitry and ToneCore Module docking slot, can be connected directly to a PC. The ToneCore Programmable Module is customizable and stores DSP code in the FLASH memory of the on-board Freescale microcontroller. DSP code development is performed on the PC and then a programming tool is used to FLASH the MCU with the new DSP code through the Developer ToneCore Dock.

Once the module is programmed, it can be used in any ToneCore Dock since the DSP code from each module is automatically downloaded from the MCU to the Symphony audio DSP. The result is a custom effects guitar pedal.

The ToneCore DSP Developer Kit from Line 6 will be available for purchase in the first half of 2008. Designers can purchase ToneCore Programmable Modules from Line 6, configure them with the ToneCore DSP Developer Kit and sell their Modules to music stores or directly to musicians.

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