News – 2007.12.06

Verigy Acquires Inovys
Verigy (NASDAQ:VRGY), a premier semiconductor test company, and Inovys announced that they have signed a definitive agreement for Verigy to acquire Inovys. Inovys, privately held, provides innovative solutions for design debug, failure analysis and yield acceleration for complex semiconductor devices and processes. Financial details were not disclosed. The acquisition is expected to be final in 30 to 60 days, subject to certain closing conditions.

IBM Announces Silicon Mach-Zehnder Electro-optic Modulator Breakthrough
Supercomputers that consist of thousands of individual processor “brains” connected by miles of copper wires could one day fit into a laptop PC, thanks in part to a breakthrough by IBM scientists announced. And while today’s supercomputers can use the equivalent energy required to power hundreds of homes, these future tiny supercomputers-on-a-chip would expend the energy of a light bulb. In a paper published in the journal Optics Express, the IBM researchers detailed a significant milestone in the quest to send information between multiple cores — or “brains” — on a chip using pulses of light through silicon, instead of electrical signals on wires.

Imsys Introduces IM3910 Java Reconfigurable System on Chip
The IM3910 is the newest member of Imsys’ IM3000 platform family of Reconfigurable System on Chip – RSoC® products. Its high energy-efficiency and ability to deliver a sustained throughput of 83 MB/s makes it an ideal choice for I/O-demanding cost and power sensitive devices. The combination with Java makes it useful for applications such as automation networking, battery powered devices, Internet connected equipment, and Java enabled remote control, point of purchase systems and facility management.

Wavecom Offers Open Source Lua Plug-In for Free
Wavecom S.A. (Paris:AVM) (NASDAQ:WVCM) (ISIN:FR0000073066) announced the availability of the Open AT® Lua Plug-In specifically targeting developers of smart, connected devices who chose to use an interpreted programming environments. Developers of communicating machines need to have all of the tools available today to create, test and explore new methods of applying wireless connectivity in ways that make everyday life easier. To facilitate this process, Wavecom is now offering developers access to Lua – one of the fastest scripting language to develop with – free of charge, including source code delivery under the terms of the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) open-source license.

Future Horizons Publishes Report on Semiconductor Industry
Semiconductor analyst house Future Horizons, summarised what it describes as a disappointing year for the semiconductor industry in 2007 and gave its predictions for a more respectable 2008. The full report is available free of charge from The first 2007 half-year IC sales were down 6% in value on the second half of 2006. With recovery only starting at the beginning of Q3, overall growth for 2007 is expected to be 5-6%.

ABI Research Publishes Report on Contactless Mobile Payment
NFC technology is primed to ride on the coat-tails of contactless infrastructure already deployed for payments and ticketing. However, as much as NFC builds on existing contactless applications, it is also a technology that essentially replaces demand for the contactless cards.

Cadence, ARM Create Multicore, Low-Power Reference Methodologies
Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDNS) and ARM [(LSE: ARM); (NASDAQ: ARMHY) announced the availability of two new implementation reference methodologies jointly developed by the companies, one for the ARM11(TM) MPCore(TM) multicore processor and the other for low-power implementation of the ARM1176JZF-S(TM) processor, which incorporates ARM® Intelligent Energy Manager (IEM(TM)) technology. These Cadence reference methodologies for the two ARM processors are the result of close collaboration between the two companies, and provide enhanced design solutions to mutual customers designing multicore, low-power devices.

Digi XBee Wall Router Extends ZigBee Networks
Digi International (NASDAQ:DGII) introduced the XBee wall router, a ZigBee router used to expand a ZigBee network’s range. By plugging into standard power sockets, XBee wall routers are easy-to-install building blocks for self-healing ZigBee networks and ideal for creating robust Drop-in Networks.

Lanner Introduces Central Monitoring System for IP Video Surveillance
Lanner Electronics Inc, a global leader in embedded and industrial computing hardware, is pleased to announce its Central Monitoring System for IP video surveillance. Lanner’s Central Monitoring System (CMS) is a highly-integrated IP video surveillance system that enables any-to-any multi-vendor device interoperability, ideal for integration in an existing analog or IP surveillance operation. CMS allows customers to create high caliber video surveillance systems that optimize price, performance, and function.

OSGi Alliance Announces Free Supporter Participation Class
The OSGi(TM) Alliance announced a new, free participation level that opens the alliance to a greater number of influencers. The new supporter level is the alliance’s third membership class, joining full members and adopter associates. Each level offers a different set of benefits and value to members with different needs.