TI TMS320C6452 Digital Signal Processor

Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) recently announced the availability of the TMS320C6452 digital signal processor (DSP). The DSPs are designed to optimize price and performance for today’s process intensive multi-channel infrastructure and medical imaging systems. With a more than 30% price reduction over TI’s popular TMS320C6415T DSPs, the new code compatible 900 MHz C6452 DSP allows designers to quickly and easily migrate their designs from the widely deployed C641x based products.

Based on TI’s enhanced TMS320C64x+(TM) core, the C6452 DSP delivers double the L1 cache memory and 40% more L2 cache than the C6415T, giving customers more headroom to easily add differentiating features to their designs. The C6452 DSP also includes two gigabit Ethernet MAC ports and one gigabit switch, which greatly improves the efficiency of multi-chip designs by automatically monitoring the data stream to ensure that only the appropriate packets consume DSP performance. In additional, the device is equipped with a Telecom Serial Interface Port (TSIP), providing a seamless connection to common telecom serial data streams, ultimately improving performance while increasing robustness and flexibility.

The C6452 DSP’s 900 MHz clock rate, expanded memory, advanced peripherals, and ability to be easily daisy-chained using the two SGMII (Serial Gigabit Media Independent Interface) ports gives system-level designers the building blocks needed to increase channel density. The C6452 DSP’s lower price compared to the C6415T DSP, plus system software from third parties enables twice the channels per dollar for echo cancellation, conferencing, and VoIP/G.PAK applications.

The C6452 DSP has two SGMII Ethernet MAC ports and a gigabit switch to enable each individual DSP in the system to process only those packets associated with that DSP’s function. The SGMII is a widely used technology for connecting high-speed Ethernet devices at the MAC level. TI’s switch adds a decision gate that can, for example, be used to distinguish between voice and data traffic. If a specific DSP on the card is dedicated entirely to voice processing, it blocks data traffic from entering, which makes much more effective use of its processing bandwidth.

The C6452 DSP’s 66-MHz PCI interface has double the data rate. Similarly, the DDR2 interface doubles the external memory bandwidth. L1 instruction and data caches are doubled to 32 Kbytes. There is a 40 percent increase in the L2 cache size.

The TMS320C6452 DSP is available now, starting at $94 at 720MHz in 10Ku quantities from TI. The device is packaged in a 19 x 19 mm, 361-lead BGA (ball grid array) packages. Order entry is also open for the C6452 DSP evaluation module (EVM), priced at $1,295.

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