ARM RealView Profiler

ARM (LSE:ARM) (Nasdaq:ARMHY) recently launched their RealView(R) Profiler, which is a tool for non-intrusive analysis of software performance and code coverage of real system workloads running over minutes, hours, or days. Using the tool, developers can typically improve the performance of their application by more than 20%, while at the same time reducing ROM size requirements by a similar amount. The RealView Profiler also includes comprehensive analysis of both statement and branch code coverage, enabling software testing to achieve and demonstrate 100% code coverage to ensure the highest levels of software validation.

The RealView Profiler complements ARM’s compilation technology and will drive ARM processor-based devices to new performance levels. Based on the comprehensive ARM debug and trace infrastructure, the RealView Profiler delivers insight into the performance of embedded device software. The RealView Profiler supports performance analysis from the early stages right until the end of the design cycle and, therefore, reduces software development project risks. The ARM RealView Profiler supports both hardware profiling, via the new RealView Trace 2 capture unit, and virtual platform profiling, via the ultra-fast RealView Real-Time System Models.

The RealView Profiler is a plug-in to the Eclipse(TM) Integrated Development Environment and in this environment provides a graphical user interface that is designed for ease of use with a familiar look and feel. This significantly increases productivity in the normally challenging optimization phase.

The RealView Profiler can be used alongside RealView Development Suite and the GNU tools to provide performance and code-path coverage information. The RealView Profiler provides its information for both the executed machine instructions and the original source code. This is essential for the success of the widely-used practice of incorporating third-party software into the end product; without this a thorough impact analysis is exceedingly difficult.

The RealView Profiler offers unrivalled insight into the performance and behavior of ARM processor-based devices, providing detailed information on CPU interlocks, unexpected instruction delays, code efficiency and low-level instructions views mapped back to software developer’s source code annotated with performance information. This enables software developers to take full advantage of ARM processor-based devices in the shortest possible time.

The RealView Profiler provides hardware profiling in combination with the new RealView Trace 2 unit using a unique streaming profiling technique. This enables continuous profiling for long periods of time at frequencies up to 250 MHz. The first release of the RealView Profiler will support the ARM926EJ-S(TM), ARM1136JF-S(TM), ARM1176JZF-S(TM) and Cortex(TM)-R4 processors, with more to be added in the next months. The RealView Trace 2 unit also supports classic 32-bit data and instruction trace at up to 400 MHz to enable advanced trace and debug using the ARM RealView Development Suite.

The RealView Profiler also provides profiling without the need for actual hardware by including four RealView Real-Time System Models of the ARM926EJ-S, ARM1136JF-S, ARM1176JZF-S and Cortex-A8 processors. These models can execute at more than 200 MHz running on a standard PC platform and can be deployed across development teams at low cost.

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