New on EDA Blog – 2007.11.30

95 Million Ultra Mobile Devices to Ship
According to ABI Research, a new class of “always-on” Internet-connected products, collectively termed “Ultra-Mobile Devices” (UMDs), will become popular over the next five years. UMDs will reach shipments of nearly 95 million units by 2012, and should prove extremely profitable for their makers.

BDTI Benchmarks for picoChip PC102 multicore-DSP
According to Berkeley Design Technology (BDTI) benchmarks, picoChip’s PC102 multicore signal processing device has a 40-fold advantage in price-performance over traditional DSP processors solutions in key communications benchmarks, and 8-times higher absolute performance.

USB 3.0 Promoter Group
Intel Corporation, along with other companies, have formed the USB 3.0 Promoter Group to create a superspeed personal USB interconnect that can deliver over 10 times the speed of today’s connection. The technology will target fast sync-and-go transfer applications in the PC, consumer and mobile segments that are necessary as digital media become ubiquitous and file sizes increase up to and beyond 25 Gigabytes. HP, Microsoft, NEC, NXP Semiconductors, and Texas Instruments are also developing the technology.

ASIC Market to Reach $4.10 Billion
According to Frost & Sullivan, the application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) market generated revenues of $2.99 billion in 2006 and will reach $4.10 billion in 2010. The growth is driven by increasing automobile sales. In particular, the European region expects to generate more revenues than any other region due to their early technological acceptance and government regulations. Additionally, the Asian region continues to exhibit one of the fastest growth rates as it increasingly emphasizes highly customized applications such as engine control valve timing.

Making Things Talk
Recently, I was sent a copy of Tom Igoe’s book, “Making Things Talk: Practical Methods for Connecting Physical Objects.” It’s a book about building devices that talk to each other. Through a series of simple projects, readers will learn how to get their projects to communicate with one another by forming networks of smart devices that carry on conversations. Whether you need to plug some sensors in your home to the Internet or create a device that can interact wirelessly with other creations, Igoe’s book explains it all.

Integrated Electrical Solutions Forum
The 6th Integrated Electrical Solutions Forum (IESF 2007) for the automotive industry will be held at the Hyatt Hotel, Dearborn, Michigan, on Tuesday, December 4th, 2007. IESF is an event for people involved in automotive electrical systems design and analysis, multi-technology simulation, harness engineering, or vehicle network design and test. It is the only event that has a full day stream dedicated to wiring design and engineering issues in the automotive industry.

Primary OS Research
According to Venture Development Corporation (VDC), the growing sophistication of embedded devices intensifies competition not only between commercial suppliers, but also in the internal research and development groups within OEMs, which many market players still view as their main competition. VDC expects increasing innovation around hybrid business models as a means to blend the best of both worlds – open source and proprietary – as suppliers continue to adapt and drive their technology innovation through a community at large, increase brand name recognition, and pull through other complementary commercial software product solutions.

Fibre Channel Training
Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) and Solution Technology will offer training classes for developers, integrators, and managers for Fibre Channel technology. Solution Technology’s training classes provide participants with an understanding of all aspects of Fibre Channel technology, from fundamentals to architecture. Instructors have deep technical knowledge coupled with real-world experience and understanding of the industry, to help further employee development and company success.