ARC VTOC 4.0 Toolset

The VTOC® 4.0 Toolset, from ARC International (LSE: ARK), creates 100% cycle accurate C++ and SystemC models from Verilog and VHDL RTL. VTOC 4.0 includes a new intelligent code analysis system that enables developers to generate C++ and SystemC models that are more efficient and achieve higher performance. The source code models accelerate the development of performance critical firmware such as device drivers and codecs and functional verification of this software within a complete SoC; a complete software suite can be developed and debugged before the target SoC sees first silicon. ARC IP eXchange, based on VTOC technology, enables IP vendors, semiconductor, and fabless companies to securely deliver C++ and SystemC models to software developers, partners and customers.

Major functionality of the VTOC 4.0 Toolset’s new intelligent code analysis system includes:

  1. Reporting errors and potential errors in the RTL, with a diagnosis to help the design engineer fix the problem
  2. Identifying RTL that can cause bottlenecks in modeling, allowing hand-coded C++/SystemC models to be substituted using industry standard interfaces
  3. Providing run-time analysis and feedback, so models can be tuned for optimal performance for a specific application

VTOC uses synthesis technology to create highly optimized, 100% cycle accurate source C++ and SystemC models that are at a higher level of abstraction than the original RTL. These models are ideal for:

  1. Architectural exploration, enabling reuse of legacy RTL in SystemC based design tools.
  2. Early software development and verification, using fast, 100-percent cycle accurate C++ models of the actual hardware, which, being source code, are easily integrated into software development environments. With guaranteed cycle accuracy they are ideal for development of performance critical firmware such as device drivers and codecs, and functional verification of that software within the complete SoC before first silicon is available.
  3. IP distribution using ARC IP eXchange. IP eXchange is based on VTOC technology that enables intellectual property (IP) vendors, semiconductor and fabless companies to address the problem of safely delivering verification IP models. The models are compiled to binary and stripped of symbols to make a highly secure way of distributing IP in a platform independent fashion to partners or potential customers.

ARC VTOC 4.0 is now available for licensing by companies worldwide.

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