NXP LPC2900 ARM968E-S Based Microcontrollers

NXP Semiconductors recently introduced their LPC2900 ARM7 microcontrollers. The NXP LPC2900 is based on the ARM968E-S(TM) processor and targets applications in industrial, medical, motor control, and automotive industries. The MCUs provide designers with a cost-effective, flexible low-power solution. The NXP LPC2900 series consists of three ARM9 microcontrollers: the LPC2919, LPC2917, and LPC2915.

The NXP LPC2900 microcontrollers are based on 80-MHz ARM968E-S MCUs and feature dual CAN interfaces and two LIN masters, standard serial buses, a sophisticated PWM, and two analog to digital converters (ADCs). The LPC2900 is ideal for high-performance and communication-heavy applications such as motor control, CAN gateways, PLC (programmable logic controller), industrial networking, in-car entertainment, navigation, and comfort. The LPC2900 microcontroller is optimized for increased performance. With the help of an on-chip power management unit (PMU), the LPC2900 can also consume power more efficiently for low power applications. Peripherals such as high-speed PWM (Pulse Width Modulator) and UARTs can be clocked independently at different clock rates to provide further flexibility in minimizing power consumption.

Featuring a simplified design, the three devices offer consistent peripherals and code compatibility. The LPC2917 and LPC2919 have 32-bit external memory controllers that support static memory devices, including RAM, ROM, Flash, burst ROM, and external I/O devices. The system can support up to 768KB of on-chip Flash and 80 KB SRAM. The unique 128-bit wide Flash provides the highest performance accessing four words each fetch comparing to others that fetch one word at a time. The SRAM is subdivided into a 16 KB Tightly Coupled Memory (TCM) for data and 16 KB TCM for code as well as 48 KB general-purpose SRAM. Integrated CAN 2.0B controllers offer FullCAN mode for message reception, triple transmit buffers with automatic priority scheduling, and extensive global CAN-acceptance filtering for high-performance gateway functionality. For compatibility with existing tools, each device uses the standard ARM test/debug JTAG interface.

The NXP LPC2900 family of microcontrollers is available immediately in industrial temperature range. Higher temperature products will be available in 2008. Pricing for the LPC2900 ranges from $6.79 to $7.75 in 10 Ku volumes. Packages come in 144-pin LQFP and 100-pin LQFP.

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