TigerJet Tiger581 Single Chip Solution for USB Phones

TigerJet Network’s Tiger581 is the first single chip solution for USB phones with built-in flash drive controller, echo cancellation, and a 16 bit audio codec with speaker phone capability. Integrating all of the required features into a single chip changes the economic argument so dramatically that VoIP solutions in an office environment will migrate from using dedicated headsets towards the use of business type desktop phones with speaker phone capability.

The Tiger581 is the successor to and contains all the functions of the Tiger560 which, until now, has been the most popular choice for implementing a USB Phone solution for VoIP applications. However, because the echo cancellation on the Tiger560 is implemented using PC software, the audio quality depends on many factors including PC performance and network delay. By including hardware echo cancellation on the Tiger581, optimum audio quality is achieved consistently. Another new feature included on the Tiger581 is the flash drive controller which powers an auto-run feature for VoIP applications directly from the flash drive on the phone. This flash drive controller eliminates the need for account setup and installation.

Tiger581 was specifically developed to address the mass market business environment with a solution that combines high audio quality and user convenience with optimum cost.

Tiger581 is fully software compatible with the Tiger560, and like the Tiger560, it supports keypad scanning, LCD control, and ringing buzzer. The 16 bit audio codec and DSP function of the Tiger581 enables on chip echo cancellation and the built in flash controller with auto-run feature enables the automatic account setup and installation of VoIP applications. All primary functions of Tiger581-based VoIP devices are plug and play compatible with WinXP, Vista, Linux and MAC operating systems and all popular VOIP applications such as: Skype, MSN, GoogleTalk, YahooMessenger, X-ten, SIP, H.323, Delta3,.. are supported.

The Tiger581 is currently being sampled to key tier one OEM partners.

More info: TigerJet Tiger581