News – 2007.11.20

Tensilica’s Diamond Standard 106Micro Integrates with CoWare ESL 2.0
CoWare®, Inc., and Tensilica®, Inc., announced the integration of Tensilica’s Diamond Standard 106Micro, the smallest licensable 32-bit processor core, with CoWare Platform Architect. The integration provides designers with the first and most productive ESL 2.0 solution for platform architecture design, platform verification, and software development using Tensilica’s processor core with the smallest area, lowest power, and highest performance on the market.

ARC Sound Subsystem MP3 Decoder Features Lower Power
ARC International (LSE:ARK) announced an optimized MP3 decoder for its ARC® Sound Subsystem operating at under 7 MHz and dissipating less than 0.46 mW of power in a TSMC 90 G process. In comparison, the next best competitive product required over 20 percent more power when performing MP3 decode than the new MP3 decoder on the ARC Sound Subsystem.(1) This further extends the ARC Sound Subsystem energy efficiency for MP3 playback in portable media applications where battery life is the major requirement and the key performance metrics are size, power and performance.

GE Fanuc Unveils Telum NPA-58×4 GbE IP Packet Processor AdvancedMC
Once again leveraging the company’s expertise and experience in the development of high performance telecommunications solutions, GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms announced the Telum(TM) NPA-58×4 intelligent high performance 4-port Gigabit Ethernet IP Packet Processor AdvancedMC(TM). Designed for NEBS compliance, and to fulfill the requirements of demanding applications such as 3G/4G networks and IPTV, the Telum NPA-58×4 enables secure, high speed connectivity and complex security processing for content-aware applications that need wire speed performance. At its heart is the 600MHz Cavium OCTEON(TM) CN5850 multi-core Secure Communications Processor, enabling the Telum NPA-58×4 to deliver up to 4Gbits/second line-speed packet processing for Layers 2-7.

Analog Devices, RealNetworks Partner on Video for Portable Media Players
Analog Devices (NYSE: ADI) announced that it is working with RealNetworks®, Inc. to provide the latest generation of Personal Media Players featuring full D1 broadcast resolution playback of RealVideo® and RealAudio® media files, the same formats used in RealPlayer®. The combined efficiency of the RealVideo format and the performance of the Blackfin® processor deliver a high-quality level of video playback traditionally not found in personal media players. This fall Chinese market leader Aigo introduced two models, the Aigo E898 and F965R, that feature support of RealVideo, RealAudio and the RMVB formats running on a Blackfin processor. Aigo credits the Blackfin with shortening time to market and reducing the risk in product design, since the inherent programmability of Blackfin allows for rapid development cycles.

University Software Donation Program Offers Telelogic Rhapsody
College and university students can now move beyond their text books when studying software modeling with the addition of the Telelogic (STO:TLOG) Rhapsody® Model Driven Development(TM) environment for embedded systems and software to the company’s University Software Donation Program. Schools participating in the program can request Rhapsody and other Telelogic software development product seat licenses for educational purposes.

National Instruments Joins
National Instruments (Nasdaq:NATI) announced it has joined, an open and collaborative organization dedicated to developing and promoting Power Architecture technology as the preferred open standard platform for the electronics industry. Power Architecture technology, an instruction set architecture prevalent in microprocessors, forms an enhanced platform for collaborative hardware and software innovation between leading technology companies such as Freescale Semiconductor, IBM, Xilinx and National Instruments. The goal of members is to create community specifications as well as support development tools that work together to facilitate integration and improved implementations.

Korenix JetBox 9300 Embedded Computers Improves Vending Machines
Vending machines play a very convenient role in our daily lives. No matter it’s pouring a cup of hot coffee while waiting to catch a bus or buying a drink at lunch time. We all know the advantage of the time-saving convenience that vending machines offer. However, we all have the experienced that the coffee was too cold, the drinks were too warm or our favorite snacks were not available. The Korenix JetBox 9300 embedded computer for industrial device networking applications gives vending machine manufacturers and maintainers the ability to stay one step ahead of the customer.

Wavesat’s Chipset Powers WiMAX Network in France
Sloka Telecom, an Indian wireless infrastructure company, announced that their WiMAX base stations and network solutions are deployed by Supernet Technologies (an RT Networx Company) in the town of Saint Medard en Jalles of France. The trials were successful and the deployment starts in December 2007. Sloka Telecom’s WiMAX equipment is powered by Wavesat’s chipset.