GE Fanuc Embedded Systems MicroTCA MP-2000, MicroTCA MP-3000 Platforms

GE Fanuc Embedded Systems recently announced the MicroTCA MP-2000 and MicroTCA MP-3000 platforms. Both platforms are scalable — allowing each to be easily upgraded — and pre-validated, meaning that each has been pre-configured and pre-tested, ensuring that customer development and deployment times are kept to the minimum possible. Field-proven IPMI code is provided to ensure interoperability. Each platform is designed to deliver the performance and flexibility needed for cost-sensitive network-centric MicroTCA development applications in a variety of markets including telecom, commercial and military.

The MicroTCA MP-2000 platform features a 2U, 13-slot MicroTCA chassis while the MicroTCA MP-3000 features an 8U, 15-slot MicroTCA chassis. Both platforms come pre-configured with a Power Module, dual Cooling Units, and MicroTCA Carrier Hub (MCH) with PCI Express fabric module, together with GE Fanuc Embedded Systems Telum(TM) Intel(R)-based processor, dual SATA storage modules, multi-port Gigabit Ethernet I/O interface and VGA graphics AdvancedMCs. A Linux (CGL) operating system and Linux Support Package (LSP) with CGL drivers are pre-installed on the platforms.

MicroTCA-specified IPMI management, networking, and clock infrastructure are supplied by the MCH (MicroTCA Carrier Hub). The PM (Power Module) provides power conversion, management, and distribution. Both the MCH and PM provide support for hot insertion and extraction of AdvancedMCs. Direct serial console access to the embedded management firmware is enabled via a front-panel connector on the MCH and PM. A convenient Command Line Interface (CLI) provides easy access and control of the firmware.

Seven single full-size payload slots are available in the MicroTCA MP-3000, and four in the MicroTCA MP-2000 for additional AdvancedMCs. Each slot supports full-size or compact AdvancedMCs. A MicroTCA Carrier Management Controller (MCMC), using an IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) provides the low-level hardware management interface that controls the AdvancedMCs, PM, and CUs.

GE Fanuc Embedded Systems modular platform solutions are fully compliant with open standards such as PICMG MTCA.0 R1.0, AMC.0 R1.0, and the IPMI specifications. Customer specific configurations, backplane routing and chassis form factors are available upon request.

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