News – 2007.11.11

Toshiba Introduces Three New Motor Controllers
Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (TAEC), a committed leader that collaborates with technology companies to create breakthrough designs, announced three new additions to its line of motor drivers: a new stepping motor driver (TB6560AHQ/AFG) and two new H-bridge DC motor drivers (TB6559FG and TB6593FNG). The TB6560AHQ/AFG was designed to control the two-phase bipolar stepping motors used in printers, where the driver’s two-phase operation can provide smoother transition between motor speeds to prevent paper jams. The TB6559FG and TB6593FNG DC motor drivers target applications such as vending machines, gaming machines, printers and small appliances.

GiDEL, Impulse Accelerate C Algorithms in FPGAs
GiDEL, a leading supplier of FPGA-based compute accelerator systems, announced the availability of C-language to FPGA compilation using the Impulse C tools from Impulse Accelerated Technologies. The new capabilities include an Impulse C Platform Support Package that tightly integrates the Impulse C-to-FPGA compiler to GiDEL’s PROCStarIII(TM), PROCStarII(TM), PROCSpark II(TM) and PROCel(TM) systems using the GiDEL PROCWizard(TM) Software.

Intel Rolls Out 16 45nm Server and High-end PC Processors
Built using an entirely new transistor formula that alleviates the wasteful electricity leaks that threaten the pace of future computer innovation, Intel Corporation unveiled 16 server and high-end PC processors. In addition to increasing computer performance and saving energy use, these processors also eliminate eco-unfriendly lead and, in 2008, halogen materials.

QNX Unveils Aviage Graphics Suite for Embedded User Interface Design
QNX Software Systems announced the availability of a new design solution that speeds the creation and performance of graphical user interfaces for embedded products. Combined with the power of Adobe Flash Lite(TM) 3 software, the new QNX® Aviage® graphics suite allows software designers to create and implement entire user interfaces in Adobe Flash, while leveraging the rich multimedia capabilities and exceptional reliability of the QNX Neutrino® realtime operating system (RTOS). At the same time, project teams can dramatically reduce the traditionally lengthy development process for user interface design, estimated at up to 50 per cent of project time.

Low-Cost Software Modeling Tools Drive Standards-based Solutions
Recently published research by Venture Development Corporation (VDC) indicates that the availability of low-cost and free modeling tools is contributing to the growing use of standards-based modeling tools. Just as software programming evolved from the use of machine code level to more formal languages, software modeling tools allow developers to further abstract design and more easily address issues central to program’s architecture while insulated from the numerous details necessary to implement the system.

Mobile Device Integration Drives GPS Chip Market
Over the next few years, the GPS chipset market will be driven by integration into mobile devices, including personal navigation devices (PNDs), cellular handsets, mobile PCs, and a variety of portable consumer electronics (CE) devices, reports In-Stat. The most promising portable CE categories include ultra mobile devices (UMDs), handheld games, portable media players, and digital cameras, the high-tech market research firm says.

Cypress’ PSoC CapSense Solution Achieves 70% Market Share
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (NYSE:CY) announced that the 2007 report, “The Evolution of Cellular Tactical Input,” from IMS Research (Austin, Texas) cited Cypress as the industry leader for capacitive sensing in cellular handsets with more than 70 percent market share. Cypress has shipped over 40 million PSoC® CapSense(TM) devices into mobile phones from across the globe in less than two years, and continues to be designed into new models.

Impulse, Pico Computing to Demonstrate FPGA Cluster Acceleration
Pico Computing (Seattle, WA) and Impulse Accelerated Technologies (Kirkland, WA) announced that the two companies will be presenting joint demonstrations at the International Conference for High Performance Computing (SC07) being held November 10 to 16, 2007 in Reno, Nevada.