LitePoint IQmax MIMO, IQwave for WiMAX

LitePoint’s IQmax MIMO system targets WiMAX devices with Wave 2 functionality. The mobility adjuncts to the current WiMAX standard (IEEE standard 802.16e-2005) require capabilities beyond those of earlier versions, and LitePoint’s new system provides those capabilities. The current WiMAX mobile radio interface uses scalable orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (SOFDMA) and supports multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) communications technology. The result is greater coverage, lower power consumption, and more efficient spectrum and bandwidth utilization.

LitePoint’s new system uses a common-platform approach that covers product development through product QA. The IQmax MIMO solution combines multiple IQmax-500 hardware units with the latest version of IQsignal software. Both have been updated to include the new MIMO requirements.

A basic system includes a pair of IQmax-500s plus a new synchronizing unit along with IQsignal, creating a 2×2 configuration. It can be expanded with up to two more IQmax-500s to implement a 4×4 set up.

LitePoint also offers IQwave for WiMAX software. Used in conjunction with IQmax, IQwave can create arbitrary WiMAX waveforms which in turn generate actual baseband or RF signals after being loaded into the IQmax’s vector signal generator (VSG). IQwave can generate fixed or mobile WiMAX waveforms for both single input/single output (SISO) and MIMO testing.

The new IQmax MIMO system and IQwave software will be available in November 2007. It can be optioned to cover Wi-Fi MIMO, too. The IQmax MIMO system basic configuration consisting of two IQmax-500s, the synchronizing unit, and IQsignal software will sell for $150,000. LitePoint’s IQwave software is price tagged at $8,995.

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