Conexant Systems 802.11n Devices

Conexant Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CNXT) offers a low power 802.11n draft 2.0 product family for high-performance, power-sensitive wireless local area networking (WLAN) applications. The CX53322 and CX53328 are ideal for products with embedded Wi-Fi functionality such as printers, portable media players, cellular handsets, and universal serial bus (USB) sticks. The single-chip devices are available in production quantities today, and have been designed in by several leading original development manufacturers.

Conexant’s new low-power 802.11n product family is based on a single spatial stream architecture that enables up to double the throughput rate and effective range of Wi-Fi solutions based on the previous IEEE 802.11g standard. This allows manufacturers to cost-effectively achieve much faster data rates while supporting next-generation features such as aggregation, and full compatibility with 802.11n networks.

The highly integrated 802.11n single-chip wireless radios are based on a full media access control architecture, which reduces host loading and eases integration into low-end embedded applications. The CX53322 and CX53328 include an ARM(R) 9 core, an integrated transceiver, radio frequency synthesizer/voltage control oscillator, high-speed data converters, and an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing/complete code keying (OFDM/CCK) digital baseband processor. The CX53322 is offered with a USB interface, and the CX53328 is available with a serial peripheral interface and secured digital input output interface. Both devices support popular operating systems including Linux, Windows(R) CE, Windows XP, Windows Vista and embedded real-time operating system drivers.

An additional feature is the ability to package the 802.11n Wi-Fi radio and associated external components in a less than a 64 millimeter square footprint, providing manufacturers with space savings and increased design flexibility.

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