S2 STRIDE Embedded Software Verification Platform

S2 Technologies’ (S2) STRIDE Embedded Software Verification Platform provides the foundation for SDK development teams to build and execute test cases as an integrated part of the development process. Using STRIDE, a handset provider can now create, run and even deliver test cases as a component of its SDK. This leverages the domain expertise of the handset developer and allows the component provider to create reusable and automatable test scripts, or test assets, which can be used throughout the development process by anyone on the product team.

By incorporating STRIDE test cases that can be run by users of the SDK, downstream customers are able to take advantage of the work done by the SDK development team in building the SDK itself. Application developers can test their own features and enhancements, ensuring that existing code within the SDK has not been compromised. They can also write new test cases for their new code to achieve a more thorough testing of new features.

STRIDE is an embedded software-verification platform designed to optimize integration by enabling software development teams to accelerate continuous integration, testing and verification. The STRIDE 2.1 Embedded Software Verification Platform is available now with a starting price of $8,300 USD.

Increasing embedded software complexity, the addition of more unique hardware platforms, greater use of outsourcing and third-party code, and compressed development cycles have radically increased the difficulty of integrating and validating embedded software applications. By using STRIDE to optimize integration, companies can shorten the time required to integrate new features, improve software quality delivered by developers, maintain stable software baselines, facilitate distributed and offshore development and more easily incorporate third-party software.

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