News – 2007.10.24 – Late Edition

CLIQK Turns iPhone into Remote Control for Home
As if having the latest uber gadget is not enough, CLIQK, the New York based digital lifestyle services firm, announced that its VIP members are being treated to specially customized iPhones. CLIQK’s VIP member iPhones include a direct application that allows them to control and monitor all aspects of their homes from anywhere in the world. CLIQK’s customizations even include specialized menus, applications and ringtones that are not available from Apple or to the general public.

NetLogic Microsystems Acquires Aeluros
NetLogic Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ:NETL), the leader in the design and development of knowledge-based processors, announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Aeluros, Inc., a privately-held, fabless provider of industry-leading 10-Gigabit Interface technologies and semiconductor products. Low-power, multi-gigabit interface technology is an increasingly important component in driving next-generation knowledge-based processors, as well as in enabling 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10GE) physical layer (PHY) connectivity for enterprise and datacenter networks.

EMA, DesignAdvance Announce Free CircuitSpace ROI Calculator
EMA Design Automation(TM), a full-service provider of electronic design automation (EDA) solutions, and DesignAdvance, a leading developer of innovative electronic design automation software, introduced a free return on investment (ROI) calculator for the award-winning CircuitSpace(TM) printed circuit board (PCB) design software. The calculator helps customers easily quantify the time and cost benefits to expect using CircuitSpace.

Wavecom Launches Fastrack Extreme HSDPA Wireless CPU
Wavecom S.A. (Paris:AVM) (NASDAQ:WVCM) (ISIN:FR0000073066) announced the launch of Fastrack Extreme an HSDPA (or 3.5G) version of its Plug-and-Play Wireless CPU®. Compatible with existing Open AT® applications, the newest addition to the Fastrack family has the same form-factor as the current Fastrack Supreme and is based on a powerful ARM9 core for applications processing and the Icera Livanto® soft baseband modem. With Icera’s Adaptive Wireless(TM) enhanced Type 3 advanced receiver and receive diversity technology it will achieve data rates up to 7.2 Mbits/s and will deliver higher data-rates in real network conditions than any other M2M module. Fastrack Extreme is equipped with a tri-band radio for global coverage.

Nextreaming Rolls Out Multimedia Solutions, Handsets for TI LoCosto
Nextreaming, the leading provider of embedded multimedia software solutions for handset manufacturers, has successfully launched multimedia solutions and deployed handsets for the mass-phone market based on Texas Instruments LoCosto(TM) family. With this successful deployment, Nextreaming holds firm grip as one of the first providers of camcording solution for the LoCosto platform with other multimedia solutions.

Telit Introduces GE863-SIM Module with Gemalto M2M Embedded SIM
Telit Wireless Solutions, Inc., the US-based m2m mobile technology arm of Telit Communications (AIM:TCM) is unveiling the GE863-SIM, an innovative module solution integrating Gemalto’s “Embedded SIM” product, m2m card. The new quad-band module in the GE product range is the result of close technological cooperation with Gemalto, the world leader in digital security.

Nallatech Deploys Intel QuickPath Interconnect for FPGA Socket Filler
Nallatech, the domain expert in high-performance FPGA computing solutions, announced that it is the first FPGA system vendor to sign up to deploy product using the Intel® QuickPath interconnect. The Intel QuickPath interconnect is Intel’s new high-speed system interconnect for servers and high-end work stations. Nallatech will use the Intel QuickPath interconnect to bring to market the industry’s first FPGA-based socket filler solutions based on this new technology for high performance computing applications.

Integration Key to Telematics Devices in Asian Markets
Consumer vehicle tracking services provide emergency, roadside assistance, monitoring, and anti-theft services, with a focus on the safety and security of the vehicle and the owner. While buyers in regional Asian markets show distinct preferences in the kinds of devices and service they adopt, a new study from ABI Research suggests that integration of several functions will provide the best penetration as these markets evolve towards 2012.

Ansoft Announces Permanent Magnetic Material Library from Shin-Etsu
Ansoft Corporation (NASDAQ:ANST) announced the availability of a new library of permanent magnet materials from Shin-Etsu Magnetics Inc. for its Maxwell® electromagnetic field simulation software. The library contains more than 31 high-performance permanent magnets defined at different operating temperatures using rare earth elements that can be downloaded by Ansoft customers and are ready for use within Maxwell.

MathWorks to Present at SAE Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress
The MathWorks, the world’s leading developer of technical computing and Model-Based Design software for engineers and scientists in industry, government, and education. Peter Maloney of The MathWorks will participate on a panel with participants from Cummins, General Motors, International Truck and Engine Corp., John Deere and Ohio State University to discuss analytical engine calibration techniques.

Ponte Solutions to Attend IEEE DFM&Y Workshop, OpenAccess
Ponte Solutions(TM), the bridge between design and manufacturing, announced its participation in two upcoming industry events. On Friday, Oct. 26, Ponte CTO, Dr. Ara Markosian, will join an expert panel at the 2nd IEEE International Workshop on Design for Manufacturability & Yield (DFM&Y 2007) being held at the Santa Clara Convention Center. On Friday, Nov. 5, Ponte director of product marketing, Subra Nathan, gives OpenAccess attendees the first look at a new interface between its YA System and the Cadence® Virtuoso® platform that lets designers efficiently perform Critical Area Analysis (CAA) and repair during layout.

Computer Solutions Debuts Freescale Cyclone Debugging, Programming Tools
Enhanced versions of the P&E Cyclone, a family of debugging and programming tools for the Freescale families of microcontrollers, are now available from Computer Solutions. For the Freescale HC08/S08/R08, HC12/S12/S12X and v1 Coldfire (Flexis) microcontrollers, the Cyclone Pro links to the target board via the BDM or MON08 ports. It can function as a completely standalone programmer or, with its Ethernet and USB interfaces, either as a high-speed interactive BDM development tool or as a versatile automated programmer.