The MathWorks SimEvents 2

The MathWorks SimEvents(R) 2 supports the modeling of complex discrete-event and hybrid dynamic systems across the Simulink(R) family of products. SimEvents is a discrete-event, transaction-level simulator that models system functions and constraints with a network of queues, servers, gates, and switches. Engineers can develop applications for packet-based communications, supervisory control, computer architecture, mission planning, manufacturing, logistics, and other areas.

The MathWorks SimEvents 2 simulatorIn contrast to conventional discrete-event simulators, SimEvents 2 lets engineers add an unlimited number of attributes, which represent data transport, to the entities flowing through the model. This capability enables engineers to model complex algorithms at individual nodes, which can then be aggregated into a larger system.

SimEvents 2 is tightly integrated with Simulink and MATLAB(R) to provide a powerful and efficient environment for modeling multidomain or hybrid dynamic systems, such as sensor networks and distributed control systems, that contain a combination of continuous-time, discrete-time, and discrete-event behavior. SimEvents is also tightly integrated with Stateflow(R) to model systems containing finite-state machines that may produce or be controlled by discrete events.

SimEvents is available immediately for the Solaris, Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Macintosh platforms. U.S. list prices start at $3,000.

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