Kozio RapidIO Validation IP

RapidIO Validation IP from Kozio is a complete, highly configurable, and proven validation environment that allows designers to rapidly test and troubleshoot RapidIO technology in their controller products for faster time to market. It is designed to provide an end-to-end test solution for RapidIO-based applications using processor-based configurations.

kDiagnostics(TM) provides a diagnostics platform that includes drivers and commands to verify the general operation of RapidIO interconnects. The validation and troubleshooting of both Parallel RapidIO and Serial RapidIO connection topologies is supported.

kDiagnostics(TM), with the RapidIO Validation IP, delivers low-level commands for initializing RapidIO hosts, performing device discovery and enumeration, as well as automatic configuration of recognized RapidIO device types. For implementations with a fixed topology, device enumeration can optionally be skipped by manually configuring RapidIO device identifiers. Low-level commands are available for initiating maintenance reads and writes, providing access to the RapidIO capability registers (CARs) and command and status registers (CSRs). The low-level interface additionally provides a mechanism for configuring the outbound RapidIO transaction type and size for each discovered RapidIO device.

Diagnostics testing includes verification of maintenance read/write transactions to all discovered devices. If specific RapidIO devices in the switch fabric provide general purpose memory, many memory test methods can be used to verify other RapidIO transaction types.

Kozio diagnostics for custom boards using RapidIO is available now.

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