New on EDA Blog – 2007.10.19

How to Survive As a North American Manufacturer
CircuiTree is offering a conference, titled “How to Survive As a North American Manufacturer,” November 8-9, in Anaheim, California. The event will feature a technical session and panel discussion on the latest technologies in PCB manufacture, design, assembly, yield improvements, and strategies to keep companies competitive.

Advanced Circuits PCB Artist
Advanced Circuits’ PCB Artist software is an easy-to-use and intuitive printed circuit board layout software and is a comprehensive, free layout software available for manufacturers, designers and engineers in the PCB industry. PCB Artist includes schematic symbol, footprint and part creation wizards to streamline the PCB design process and reduce component creation time to as little as five minutes. In addition, customers can draw from an extensive library of components.

300mm Fab Capacity to Double
SEMI(R) has found that despite the steep pricing declines experienced by memory, device manufacturers continue to invest significantly in additional 300mm fab capacity. In total, worldwide 300mm capacity will double from the beginning of 2007 by the end of 2008 as 25 new 300mm high-volume fabs come online. By the end of 2008, only 73 -300mm fabs will provide over 6.2 million wafers per month.

Ultra Mobile Device Paradigm
In-Stat believes the ultra mobile device market is evolving to become a family of devices that will compose the “ultra mobile device (UMD) paradigm.” According to the research firm, one ultra mobile device will not be able to meet all of the different UMD usages/applications.

IEEE 1394 FireWire
According to In-Stat, the peak year for IEEE 1394 devices is expected to be 2008, and a slow decline will set in beginning in 2009. IEEE 1394 is the second-choice technology in many product segments and it’s one-third penetration of the PC market is small compared to high-speed USB’s 100% penetration. IEEE 1394 (1394), also called FireWire or i.Link, is a high-speed serial bus specification found primarily in three markets: PCs, PC peripherals, and Consumer Electronics.

PrismTech Data Distribution Service Webinars
PrismTech(TM) is hosting a series of free Data Distribution Service (DDS) webinars. The webinars will promote DDS middleware technologies and their expanding applicability for data-centric distributed systems in today’s SOA and net-centric applications, share industry best practices and key references, and highlight PrismTech’s OpenSplice(TM) DDS product capabilities: delivering the right information at the right place, at the right-time – all the time.