ADLINK PCI-8174 Stepper and Servo Motion Control Card

ADLINK’s PCI-8174 stepper and servo motion control card offers an on-board DSP with motion ASIC for simplified implementation of time-critical motion sequences. The product is in use for applications such as semiconductor front and back end equipment, TFT/LCD manufacturing equipment, electronic assembly and testing equipment, automatic optical inspection equipment, flight or vehicle simulator in military and video game, dispenser machinery, and cutting or carving machinery.

ADLINK PCI-8174 Stepper and Servo Motion Control CardThe PCI-8174 delivers many features for pick-and-place, gantry, line scan, and dispenser applications: high-frequency pulse output rates of up to 6.55 MHz, a software security protection to prevent illegal copying of custom software, a card index switch for multiple cards in a system, serial connectivity for multiple axes among multiple cards, and on-the-fly speed and position change while the axis is in motion.

The multi-axis operation design of the PCI-8174 allows linear interpolation using up to all four axes and circular interpolation using any two axes. The PCI-8174 offers continuous contouring and outputs backlash correction pulses before sending commands when a direction change occurs during interpolation to ensure flawless velocity continuity. With 13 home moving modes to choose from, the motion card is well suited for a variety of mechanical design and operating restrictions.

The PCI-8174 can operate as a standalone controller by executing all processes in the hardware layer, and can simultaneously execute a sequence via the motion ASIC without consuming CPU resources, making this an ideal card for interrupt control and synchronization among multiple axes. With the DSP on-board design, the PCI-8174 can also support firmware customization.

The PCI-8174 is available now and is priced starting at $1190 and is available with discounts in volume.

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