Zilog Z8F083A Flash Microcontrollers

Zilog’s (Nasdaq: ZILG) Z8F083A Series Flash microcontroller (MCU) is the latest addition to its Z8 Encore! XP(R) portfolio. The new solution delivers embedded design engineers the best cost/performance ratio for fan control and universal motor control applications by offering an optimized feature set, scalability, and the lowest bill of materials (BOM) cost in the market today. The new series also offers a single-pin On-Chip Debugger (OCD) port for in-system Flash programming and debugging.

The new Z8F083A Series provides the fundamental features required for electric fans and universal motor control. What makes these devices unique, however, are the enhanced functionalities on-chip, including a 2.5 times faster internal precision oscillator and 5 times faster ADC over competing products in its class. This equates to faster response times for critical motor control loop operations.

Available immediately, the Z8 Encore! XP(R) F083A Flash MCUs are designed based on the powerful Zilog eZ8(TM) CPU core — a core architecture that rivals the performance of a 16-bit CPU core. The family supports up to 8 Kbytes of Flash memory, 256 bytes of register RAM, and is pin-for-pin compatible with other members of the Z8 Encore! XP(R) family, allowing an easy migration path from 1 Kbytes up to 12 Kbytes.

The Z8F083A Series also includes a targeted peripheral set featuring an up to eight channel, fast 2.8 ums ‘best in class’ successive approximation register (SAR) Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC), an ‘on-chip’ 20 MHz Internal Precision Oscillator that eliminate the need of an external crystal or oscillator, and 100 bytes of Non-Volatile Data Storage (NVDS) for storing system parameters or user data. The new series also offers a single-pin On- Chip Debugger (OCD) port for in-system Flash programming and debugging. These devices also include two enhanced 16-bit timers/counters featuring capture, compare and PWM capabilities, and one analog comparator, providing increased design flexibility in end applications. In addition, the F083A’s single-pin debugger and programming interface simplifies code development, allowing for easy in-circuit programming.

ricing for the Z8Encore!XP(R), F083A and F0830 families varies according to product type and order quantity. Prices range from $ 0.60 to $1.10 USD.

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