4D Systems microOLED

microOLED is the easiest way to add a small color display with sophisticated text/graphics/animations to a project. microOLEDs are compact, cost-effective, ready-made smart organic LED displays with a full-color embedded graphics controller that will deliver ‘stand-alone’ emissive display capability to any PIC, AVR, Basic Stamp, ARM or any other microcontroller — even a PC. Simple-to-use embedded commands over a serial interface not only control background color but can produce text in a variety of sizes as well as draw shapes, including user-defined bitmap characters (signs, logos, etc.) in 262,000 colors, freeing up the host processor from processor-hungry screen control functions.

4D Systems microOLED smart organic LED displaysWith pixel resolutions from 96 x 64 to 160 x 128 and sized from 0.97″ to 1.69″ diagonal, these unique display solutions offer up to 262K true-to-life colors, and need no backlighting since they are self- illuminating and give near 180° viewing. Driven from a serial RS-232 or USB interface, these OLED solutions provide graphics commands such as: LINE, CIRCLE, RECTANGLE, TEXT, USER BITMAP, BACKGROUND COLOR, PUT PIXEL, IMAGE, etc.

Requiring 3.6 – 6V @ 40mA, they make an ideal interface for handheld or medical equipment, or for automotive or advertising use. Some in the microOLED series even have an on-board micro-SD memory card socket for storing up to 1GB of icons, images, animations, etc.

microOLEDs are made in Australia by 4D Systems and are available from $66 and up. They are available now from their USA distributor, Saelig Co.

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