White Papers – 2007.09.30

The Case for Femtocells
The white paper explores the operator business case and consumer propositions for deploying femtocell technology in the home

Simplifying Circuit Calibration With Electrically-Adjustable Resistors
Rejustor technology is based on standard CMOS chip technology, with postprocessing to create and protect passive released microstructures

Power-Saving Clock-Gating Technique is an Inseparable Part of SoC Design
Clock-gating techniques can significantly reduce the chip’s dynamic power compared to similar non-clock gated designs

Impact of Multiple-Voltage Domain (Multi-VDD) Design Implementation on Large, Complex SoCs
Toshiba has a well-developed, low-power design flow, which utilizes several tools for proper implementation and verification of a multi-VDD voltage area design

Early Chip Sizing (Pre-sales) Carries High Financial and Technical Implications
Accurate and early estimation of chip size is critical to an overall project because it affects both financial as well as technical feasibility

The Advantages of FRAM-Based Smart ICs for Next Generation Government Electronic Ids
Paper details the advantages of embedded FRAM memory for smart ICs in contrast to the traditional memory technologies used in many e-passport and government ID programs

Power Management Poses a Critical Design Constraint in the SoC World of Consumer Applications
Power management — and power-based differentiation — is fast becoming one of the most critical design constraints in the world of IC designers

Device Software Optimization: The Core of Your Next-Generation Networking Strategy
This paper describes the vital connection between a successful DSO strategy and market success

Switch Fabrics 2007: RapidIO Technology Takes the High Road to Embedded Systems
The white paper provides a five-year forecast on worldwide Serial RapidIO shipment and revenues, as well as DSP worldwide revenues

High-Speed I/O Design Considerations in Low-Cost Packaging Applications
The use of high-speed I/O in almost every ASIC design requires careful design consideration to avoid issues with power and ground noise and coupling between sensitive signals

Building a Digital-to-Analog Converter Box with Toshiba TC90407XBG-Based Solutions
This paper examines the changing environment, the technical requirements to build a government-compliant converter box