New on EDA Blog – 2007.09.28

CAST PCIe IP Core Backend Simulation Model
CAST, Inc. is offering a new downloadable free simulation model of its PCI Express IP core. The PCIe Core Backend Model (CBM) Demo of the CAST CPXP-EP PCI Express Endpoint Controller allows a designer to simulate a system with the core at the transaction layer level. Prepared test cases and scripts and an included design example illustrate the features and functions of a PCIe endpoint controller, and multiple parameters and the ability to program a custom application facilitate experimentation with and learning of this popular interface technology. The PCIe CBM Demo is free to qualified designers.

Freescale’s RF Entertainment Control Platform
Freescale Semiconductor introduced radio frequency (RF) technology designed to revolutionize the way consumers remotely control their home entertainment devices. Freescale’s RF entertainment control platform addresses a growing concern among today’s electronics manufacturers: the technology limitations and interruptions caused by current infrared (IR) solutions that are not compatible with their consumer product roadmaps.

LTspice, SwitcherCAD III Seminar
Nu Horizons Electronics and Linear Technology are offering free half-day seminars designed to educate and inform both advanced and new users of LTspice. Attendees will gain the knowledge to successfully simulate circuit designs and predict circuit behavior for faster more efficient designs.

SAME 2007 Forum
SAME 2007 forum (Sophia Antipolis forum on MicroElectronics) is a major European microelectronics event where attendees can meet key market players: industrial leaders, start-ups, and academics. SAME 2007 Forum provides a venue for discussions and technical knowledge sharing with the opportunity to meet industrials, high-tech companies displaying and demonstrating microelectronic related products.