SENA Parani-MSP1000 Multi-Port Bluetooth Access Point

The Parani-MSP1000 Series is a Bluetooth Access Point product line designed to manage up to 28 Bluetooth devices over 10/100 Base-T Ethernet network with advanced features. The Parani-MSP1000 series produce line incorporates Bluetooth 2.0 Protocol Stack with Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) support; and transmits data from each Bluetooth terminal to management station via TCP/IP.

For secure data communication between a Bluetooth device and Remote PC hosts, SSL/TLS encryption and IP filtering features are provided. Further, SSH feature is included. The Parani-MSP1000 runs on embedded Linux operating system, and facilitates user customization using Python scripts. Nominal transmit range is 150m and can be extended up to 1000m using an optional patch antenna. Management and configuration utilities include Telnet, SSH and web. The unit comes with LED indicators for power, status, error, and RJ45 connections.

The Parani-MSP1000 product line is available in following models:

  • Parani-MSP1000A
    Industrial Bluetooth Access Point with 7 connections support
  • Parani-MSP1000B
    Industrial Bluetooth Access Point with 14 connections support
  • Parani-MSP1000C
    Industrial Bluetooth Access Point with 28 connections support

SENA Multi-Port Bluetooth Access PointThe Parani-MSP1000 product line supports profiles including Serial port, LAN access, PAN and FTP profiles to keep Bluetooth devices interoperating smoothly and easily. Serial Port Profile enables Bluetooth support for serial data connections. LAN access profile provides network access and PAN profile allows Bluetooth units to participate in a Personal Area Network.

Application Areas
The unit is designed for large-scale wireless installations especially in the areas of retail/pos, industrial, medical, and banking sectors, which are traditionally fitted with serial connections. It can be used in a wide range of retail/POS applications including wireless payment and receipt printers. For example, a mobile phone could connect to a kiosk over a Parani-MSP1000 link at which you could buy a ticket. Similarly, a PDA, mobile phone, or other device could be used to pay for goods and services using Parani-MSP1000 Bluetooth communication links with a cash register. In industrial applications, the Parani-MSP1000 connects devices such as sensors, instruments, actuators, and other industrial equipment to wireless Bluetooth communications.

Parani-MSP1000 product line package includes:

  • DC Power Adapter
  • Dipole Antenna
  • Serial Data Cable
  • Ethernet Cross Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • CD-ROM

Optional Accessories:

  • Parani-PAT Patch Antenna
  • Parani-RFC 1m Antenna Extension Cable for Patch antenna

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