Hynix Semiconductor 1Gb Mobile DRAM

Hynix Semiconductor, Inc. recently announced it has developed the industry’s smallest 1 Gigabit mobile DRAM. The product is also the industry’s first commercially available 1Gb mobile DRAM built on Hynix’s 66 nm process technology. The finer processing geometry reduces die size but also improves speed and power characteristics of the device.

Hynix’s mobile DRAM operates at a maximum clock speed of 200MHz resulting in a throughput of up to 1.6 Gbytes of data per second with a 32-bit I/O – the fastest in the industry. The product consumes very low power, under worst case conditions, extending battery life in a wide range of portable electronic devices.

Hynix 1Gb Mobile DRAMMobile DRAMs are widely used in wireless and handheld applications such as mobile phones, digital still and video cameras, PDAs, PMPs, and GPS Navigation systems. These products are now designed in smaller and smaller packages reducing the size of the battery. Hynix’s Mobile DRAMs are designed to meet the memory requirements of feature-rich portable applications that demand high memory density, high throughput, and very low power dissipation features in a small form factor package.

Hynix plans to begin mass production from the first quarter of 2008. The product will be available as NAND flash Multi-Chip Package (NAND MCP), which combines DRAM and NAND flash in a single package, or package-on-package (POP) stack. It will also be offered as KGD (Known Good Die) for System in Package (SIP) applications.

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