Empower LDK6446 LEOs Development Kit

Empower Technologies’ (TSX.V: EPT) latest LEOs Development Kit (LDK6446) is designed for Texas Instruments’ (TI) DM6446 DaVinci(TM) Technology dual-core embedded CPU. DM6446 is a DaVinci(TM) Processor which forms part of TI’s DaVinci(TM) Technology ecosystem. The technology includes the following elements: DaVinci Software, DaVinci Development Tools/Kits, and DaVinci Support. The new LDK6446 development kit comes with the latest LEOs operating software and SDK (Software Development Kit). The target hardware development platform includes a DM6446 evaluation board and a 4.3″ WQVGA LCD (480×270) touch panel in landscape mode, ready for 16:9 widescreen movie presentation. LDK6446 is the first DM6446 development kit available with LCD touch panel support.

LDK644x and LEOs for DM644x product family are made specifically for media devices in the mobile, set-top-box, and telematic applications. The video processing power enabled by the TMS320C64x+ DSP onboard in the DM644x is the most powerful feature of this new development platform. It provides major technical advantages in video/audio encoding/decoding, video analytic, and sound processing. Those technical advantages can be applied in the fields of security surveillance, wired/wireless media streaming, infotainment system in automobiles, portable navigation, and video telephony.

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