New on Embedded Star – 2007.09.17

Their embedded memories are ideal for applications targeting low power portable appliances and SoC designs requiring the concurrent delivery of the highest possible speed and density at the lowest possible power and cost

Company is the inventor and original developer of capacitive (no-pressure) touchpads

Genesys Testware
Provides the latest and most advanced embedded test solutions for System-on-Chip designs

Designs and sells a wide range of FPGA and ASIC interfacing solutions for the PCI and derivative markets (PCI Express, PCI-X, CompactPCI, and PC104/PC104+)

Fairchild Semiconductor
A global supplier of power analog, power discrete, and optoelectronic components that optimize system power

Develops and licenses innovative non-volatile memory solutions derived from cutting-edge research in spintronics

Legend Design Technology
Their EDA tools maximize engineering productivity, enabling SoC design teams to meet critical time-to-market targets

Silicon Navigator
Provides solutions that leverage the OpenAccess database, which is publicly OpenSourced and managed by the Si2 consortium

Physik Instrumente
A leading supplier of nanopositioning technology and motion control systems

Provides high performance video codecs and associated technologies (muxing, streaming, audio codecs, etc.) on an OEM basis

Pro Design
Company’s products and services include the CHIPit family of hardware-assisted verification tools, industrial image processing tools, hardware/software development, and manufacturing and assembling

A qualified software house for Real Time, Embedded, and Applications development areas