NXP Nexperia PNX0161 USB Digital Audio Headset Solution

NXP Semiconductors’ Nexperia(TM) PNX0161 is a USB-driven digital audio headset solution. The solution from NXP leverages the USB 2.0 standard to shift the core audio streaming functions to the USB connector on the host device, alongside the existing battery charging and PC synchronization functions. This feeds the market trend for ultra-thin devices with a simplified design and a single standardized connection interface, enabling a marked reduction in bill-of-material costs and a quicker time to market.

The Nexperia PNX0161′s built-in DSP software allows OEMs to pre-set equalizers and maximize echo cancellation for improved sound quality. The programmable ARM7TDMI(R) core is embedded with a DC/DC converter, which powers through the USB bus. Fully compliant with USB specifications, the solution offers plug-and-play operation with any USB host or On-The-Go (OTG) device and supports USB Audio and Human Interface Device (HID) classes.

The single-chip Nexperia PNX0161 is a small, ultra-low power high-speed USB 2.0-compliant solution that provides stereo playback and recording, as well as FM radio. Available in a TFBGA88 package (7mm x 7mm), NXP’s Nexperia PNX0161 requires very little power (~10 mA at Vbus) for playback mode. Embedded power management functionality, alongside intelligent power control also contributes to this highly power-efficient solution. Especially designed to suppress noise coming from the host, the PNX0161 is available in two versions – programmable Flash or cost-effective ROM – that can be switched seamlessly during product ramp-ups.

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