EnOcean EVA 120C Evaluation Kit

EnOcean’s EVA 120C Evaluation Kit includes everything necessary to quickly develop and test ultra low power wireless sensor modules for a variety of electrical and electronics applications. The kit components include an EnOcean STM 110C solar powered sensor transmitter module and a development board with a PC interface. Detailed technical documentation, including data sheet, manual and user notes also are part of the kit.

The Developer’s Kit enables designers and engineers to quickly and easily simulate STM performance, to understand results and develop application-specific wireless sensor products based on EnOcean technology. The board includes buttons and opto- coupler inputs for immediate wake-up useful in even- driven applications. Additional buttons trigger a LEARN telegram to assign the sensor to networks. Plug-in jumpers are provided to set cyclic wake and transmit times, as well as to wire-in digital inputs. Also included are potentiometers to simulate analog inputs, and a LED display to verify successful telegram transmission. The Kit connects to a PC via RS232 or USB interface for direct evaluation by PC software, or to enable additional module configuration, and control inputs and measurement outputs for charge and discharge cycles.

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