New on EDA Blog – 2007.09.07

InfiniBand Low Latency Forum
The InfiniBand Low Latency Technical Forum will take place on September 17 at the Moscone Center West in San Francisco, in co-location with the Fall 2007 Intel Developer Forum (IDF). The technical forum will include presentations and collaborative sessions that examine latency in high-performance computing, storage and enterprise environments and will emphasize how end-user deployments of InfiniBand technology result in a positive return on investment. The event is sponsored by the InfiniBand Trade Association and the OpenFabrics Alliance.

First-Pass System Success Workshops
Ansoft’s (NASDAQ:ANST) “First-Pass System Success” application workshops will take place from September 12 through November 15 throughout Asia, North America, and Europe. Leading technology companies and Ansoft’s technical staff will discuss the latest simulation techniques and design methodologies to help engineers achieve first-pass system success when designing high-performance electronic systems.

SEMI July 2007 Book-to-Bill Ratio
According to Semi, the North American manufacturers of semiconductor equipment posted $1.44 billion in orders in July 2007 (three-month average basis) and a book-to-bill ratio of 0.84. A book-to-bill of 0.84 means that $84 worth of orders were received for every $100 of product billed for the month.