STMicroelectronics ST7LITE49M 8-bit Flash Microcontroller

STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM) ST7LITE49M 8-bit Flash microcontroller is the latest member of the low-cost ST7Lite family. ST7Lite is designed for simpler products such as security and lighting systems, power management, small appliances, sensors and motor control. The ST7LITE49M series, available in an LQFP32 package for mass production and in SDIP32 for prototyping, offer up to 4-KBytesand 24 high-sink-current I/O lines. In practice, many embedded designs for simple and low-cost applications require a small firmware size, coupled with high flexibility in terms of bidirectional I/O lines; the new ST7LITE49M family is intended to satisfy these requirements, offering cost effective devices, in both Flash and pre-programmed versions, with 128 Bytes of true EEPROM Memory on board.

A powerful timer set is integrated on the chip, including a configurable watchdog timer, dual 8-bit Lite timers with prescaler, and dual 12-bit Auto-Reload timers, which operate over the 250Hz to 4MHz range and provide four PWM signals with output compare function, input capture, dead-time generation, and one-pulse mode. In particular, the 12-bit timer is specifically optimized for lighting and motor control applications, such as in e-bike or air conditioning.

Other on-chip functions – including a precise internal 8MHz RC oscillator; 32kHz auto-wake up oscillator; a fast, 10-channel, 10-bit ADC; five power saving modes; and a trimmable Reset circuit with low voltage detection – simplify system design and reduce design effort by eliminating the need for external circuitry for these functions. In addition, an I2C communication interface is integrated on chip.

The ST7LITE49M is available now, in SDIP (samples) and LQFP32 (volume) packages, priced at $0.78 in quantities of 10,000 pieces.

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