News – 2007.09.03

Vivace Announces VSP100 Development, Integration Systems
Vivace Semiconductor, a leader in digital media processing chips, announced availability of its VSP100 development and integration systems to assist customers and developers in accelerating their adoption of the company’s high-performance VSP100 media processing chip, which is optimized for consumer mobile applications. Vivace also announced enhanced product features that will be offered with the VSP100 to keep pace with rapid changes in the portable media and high-end display markets. These include support of up to D1 video standards at multiple resolutions and the addition of high performance input options for larger bitstreams.

Kozio Offers RapidIO Validation IP for Custom Embedded Controllers
Kozio, Inc., the leading provider of automated hardware diagnostics for custom controller boards, has released validation support for custom boards using RapidIO interconnect technology. RapidIO Validation IP from Kozio is a complete, highly configurable, and proven validation environment that allows designers to rapidly test and troubleshoot RapidIO technology in their controller products for faster time to market. It is designed to provide an end-to-end test solution for RapidIO-based applications using processor-based configurations. One Kozio customer used the kDiagnostics(TM) product with RapidIO Validation IP for testing their highly complex and multi-processor controller board.

ARTiSAN to Demonstrate UML, SysML Modeling Support at ESS 2007
At ESS 2007 (Stand 108), ARTiSAN Software Tools will demonstrate the comprehensive UML and SysML modelling support available in ARTiSAN Studio 6.2, the latest version of its integrated suite of collaborative modelling tools for requirements analysis, specification, design and development of complex, mission-critical systems and software engineering.

Elma Unveils AMC Load Board for Testing, Debugging MicroTCA Systems
Elma Electronic Inc., a global manufacturer of electronic packaging products, has released a new AMC Load Board. The Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) Load Board is designed for testing the cooling and power of MicroTCA systems. The AMC Load Board is compliant to the MicroTCA.0 and AMC.0 Advanced Mezzanine Card specifications. The unit comes standard in the single module/full size with options for double modules and compact or mid-sizes. Hot-swap pluggable, the board incorporates a JTAG interface and IPMI support.

Ramtron Expands AEC-Q100-Qualified FRAM Product Family
Ramtron International Corporation (Nasdaq: RMTR), a leading developer and supplier of non-volatile ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM) and integrated semiconductor products, has expanded its line of FRAM Grade 1 automotive parts, qualifying an additional 64-kilobit (Kb) serial FRAM device to operate over the entire automotive temperature range of -40 to +125 degrees Celsius. The FM25640-GA – a 5-volt, 64Kb FRAM with a high-speed serial peripheral interface (SPI) – is now Grade 1 AEC-Q100 specified, making it suitable for automotive applications under the hood, as well as in the passenger cab.

Microchip Exposes Cryptographic Researchers’ Mistaken Assumptions
Microchip Technology Inc., a leading provider of microcontroller and analog semiconductors, announced that, after a thorough evaluation of recent claims made by cryptographic researchers, the Company concluded that its KEELOQ(R) security system, in its recommended real-world implementation, is secure. Microchip recognizes that the highly talented researchers have been successful at a theoretical attack of a block cipher. However, the KEELOQ security system implementation involves much more than just the cryptographic algorithm. The researchers’ claims that vehicles can be stolen, based on their cryptographic findings related to the KEELOQ algorithm, are incorrect due to several mistaken assumptions.

Lambda Rolls Out TDK Innoveta iQE Quarter Brick DC-DC Converters
Delivering very high operating efficiencies over a wide range of load conditions, the TDK Innoveta iQE Series of Quarter Brick DC-DC converters from Lambda responds to the ever increasing demand for improved efficiency under all normal operating load conditions. With a broad range of output voltages from 3.3 to 15V and providing high power ratings, these DC-DC converters are ideal for engineers seeking excellent efficiency and optimal thermal performance for 24V and 48V power architectures in many applications within the industrial, telecommunications, data communications, access and wireless markets.

Analog Devices Blackfin, SHARC Processors Entertain Audi A5 Coup
Redefining luxury driving through a broad array of signal processing technologies, Analog Devices Inc. (NYSE: ADI) announced that its Blackfin(R) and SHARC(R) processors will provide the highest quality in-cabin entertainment systems to drivers of the new Audi A5 Coupé. With the new vehicle, Audi has moved to distinguish its driver experience through advanced electronic features. Leveraging the power of ADI’s advanced digital signal processing (DSP) technologies; the new A5 includes the Audi Symphony and Concert advanced digital radios, a Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) option, a 6-CD changer and a MultiMedia Device Interface for connecting to personal media players. ADI processors provide all audio decoding and processing functions, communications protocol processing, and all control processing for the Audi’s highly intuitive driver interface.

Sky Telecom Selects Squire’s SVI_MGC SS7 Media Gateway Controller
Squire Technologies Ltd, provider of carrier-grade SS7 and VoIP signalling equipment, has announced the successful integration of the SVI_MGC SS7 Media Gateway Controller into the network of the leading Maltese ISP, Sky Telecom Ltd. Providing RADIUS authentication, billing and routing, and local number portability, this dual redundant system has enabled Sky Telecom to progress its expanding VoIP services to the next level in cost-efficiency and reliability, and deliver the associated benefits to its customers.