EDA News – 2007.08.30

GE Fanuc Embedded Systems Unveils SBC310 3U VPX Single Board Computer
Providing further evidence of the company’s market-leading commitment to computing solutions based on the VPX architecture, GE Fanuc Embedded Systems announced the SBC310 3U VPX single board computer – the first 3U VPX single board computer to feature Freescale’s dual core PowerPC 8641D and to provide support for a PMC/XMC site. With up to 1 GByte of SDRAM, the SBC310 is the tenth member of the GE Fanuc Embedded Systems family of VPX products – a family that includes 3U and 6U single- and quad processor single board computers based on both Intel and PowerPC architectures, graphics processors, switches and storage, as well as the MAGIC1 Rugged Display Computer. The SBC310 is optionally available in any of five ruggedization levels, making it suitable for deployment in the harshest environments.

Agilent Announces LXI Class B Triggering Device for Synchronization
Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE:A) introduced the world’s first LXI trigger box that enables precise synchronization over LAN for LXI Class C and GPIB instruments, elevating their performance to LXI Class B standards. Accurate synchronization is crucial, especially in automated test systems that involve multiple distributed devices. When an LXI Class C or GPIB instrument is connected to the Agilent E5818A LXI trigger box, it gains the timing capabilities of an LXI Class B instrument. Leveraging the IEEE 1588 precision time protocol (PTP) synchronization, the trigger box enables sub-nanosecond time triggering and time stamping of events for the attached instruments. With reliable event-log data, users can trace and troubleshoot faults easily.

Industria, Ikivo Team on SVG for Set-top Box, PC, Mobile TV
Industria, provider of innovative broadband TV and entertainment solutions, and Ikivo, pioneering leader in open standard SVG-based rich media solutions for mobile phones, have partnered to offer a new SVG-based user interface across Industria’s Zignal entertainment delivery suite for set-top box, PC and mobile TV services.

Opera Mini 4 Targets BlackBerry Devices
Opera, the only company that puts the Web on any device, released the new beta of Opera Mini 4, the world’s most popular mobile Web browser. The new beta version of Opera Mini 4 introduces several exclusive optimizations for BlackBerry(R) devices, including a new user interface and menus for a more comfortable Opera Mini look and feel. For BlackBerry users worldwide, or anyone wanting a better, faster and free mobile Web browser, the new Opera Mini 4.0 beta is available online.

Innovasic fido1100 Microcontroller Scores in Schneider Electric Tests
Innovasic Semiconductor announced that in recent lab tests conducted by Schneider Electric, its fido1100 real-time microcontroller achieved a worst-case Ethernet packet jitter of only 130 microseconds. In contrast, a RISC processor running at more than twice the clock rate achieved a worst-case jitter of 760 microseconds.

QUALCOMM Becomes Member of IMEC’s Technology-Aware Design Program
IMEC, Europe’s leading independent nanoelectronics research institute, announced that QUALCOMM Incorporated (Nasdaq:QCOM), a leading developer and innovator of advanced wireless technologies and mobile data solutions, has joined IMEC’s technology-aware design program (TAD). IMEC and QUALCOMM will be collaborating on innovative circuit and system design methodologies.

Sony Selects Opera Browser for BRAVIA Internet Video Link
Opera Software, the only company that puts the Web on any device, announced that Sony Electronics has selected the Opera browser for Sony’s new BRAVIA Internet Video Link, a module that attaches to the back of new Bravia televisions to access select free Internet video content. Opera will be used as the browser technology of the system and enable browsing of the available Internet video content that can be streamed directly to the television from providers such as Yahoo!, AOL and Crackle.

Option Supplies GTM378 HSDPA Embedded Wireless Module to Sony
Option N.V. (Euronext: OPTI) (OPNVY), the wireless technology company, announced that it is supplying its GTM378 HSDPA embedded wireless module to Sony Corporation (TSE: SONY CORP, code 6758, NYSE: SNE), revealing the name behind the earlier announced design win. With access to Option’s technical expertise, technology leadership and superior embedded wireless broadband data solutions, Sony integrates Option’s wireless modules in the VAIO notebooks. Shipments of the wireless module to Sony have started in support of the commercial roll-out of the recently announced VAIO SZ and VAIO TZ notebooks series in Europe.