Agilent Four New PXIT Modules

Agilent (NYSE: A) added four next-generation modules to the PXIT family for optical transceiver manufacturing. The new PXIT modules have both a combined bit error ratio tester (BERT) and digital communication analyzer (DCA). The flexible modular platform allows optical transceiver manufacturers to combine key instruments needed to perform required measurements — in one mainframe via the same interface. This helps reduce the cost of test and increase production throughput.

Agilent N2101B PXIT ModuleNew PXIT Modules:

  • The N2100B PXIT 8.5 Gb/s digital communications analyzer is a 4-slot module that allows customers to perform accurate eye-diagram analysis to characterize the quality of transmitters from 1 Gb/s to 8.5 Gb/s. The N2100B doubles the bit-rate coverage of the DCA and the number of possible filters to choose from.
  • The N2101B PXIT 10.7 Gb/s bit error ratio tester is a 3-slot module with a high-accuracy clock source, data-pattern generator and error detector that allows for automatic BER analysis to characterize the quality of devices. The N2101B version has more than doubled the upper line rate performance (10.7 Gb/s) and the number of supported internal lines rates, as well as a lower minimum line rate (155 Mb/s).
  • The N2102B PXIT 11.1 Gb/s pattern generator is a 2-slot module capable of generating multiple patterns. The N2102B enables complete coverage from 622 Mb/s to 11.1 Gb/s with improved jitter and transition times.
  • The N2099A PXIT synthesizer is a 2-slot module that covers a 2 GHz tuning range and is available at a number of center frequencies: 5.25GHz, 9.4GHz and 10.5GHz. The N2099A is a suitable clock source for the N2101B and N2102B modules when an external clock is required.

U.S. Pricing

  • N2100B, starting at $27,000
  • N2101B, starting at $35,000
  • N2102B, starting at $17,500
  • N2099A, starting at $8,000

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