Fujitsu MB91F467BA Microcontroller

The Fujitsu MB91F467BA MCU is a high-performance 32-bit microcontrollers for automotive applications. The MB91F467BA is designed for integrating several in-vehicle Control Area Networks (CAN) or for controlling CAN, LIN and FlexRay(TM) mixed network gateways. The MB91F467BA features a CAN controller with six channels. Each channel consists of 32 message buffers, seven channels of LIN-capable UART, two channels of I2C communication suitable for the interconnection and gateway functionality and to allow the MCU to easily control combinations of different in-vehicle networks. The MB91F467BA operates at 80MHz using a single 3.0-5.5V power supply, simplifying power supply circuitry while providing flexibility on hardware design.

The new microcontroller provides CAN and FlexRay(TM) capabilities that have become widely used for vehicle body and chassis applications. The MCU addresses the increasing speed and connectivity requirements that characterize vehicle applications, with the ability to control and integrate entire in-vehicle networks from within the head electronic control unit (ECU) that manages individual electronic components throughout the vehicle.

The MB91F467BA incorporates 1 MB flash with 8 Kbyte cache and 40 Kbyte data RAM, and 5 channels of DMA. It has an 8×16-bit free-run timer; an 8×16-bit reload timer; and 16 channels of an 8/16-bit PPG. For signal capturing, the chip provides a 32-channel 10-bit ADC, an 8-bit ICU, and 8-bit OCU channels. It supports real-time clock, watchdog timer with separate clock source, and incorporates external SDRAM interface to meet high memory bandwidth applications.

The MB91F467BA is available now in 144-pin LQFPs, with prices starting at $14.01 each for volume quantities.

More info: MB91460 Series User’s Manual (pdf) »