News – 2007.08.26

Express Logic Responds to Copyright Infringement Ruling
Express Logic, Inc., the worldwide leader in royalty-free real-time operating systems (RTOS), provided a clarification of the results of its arbitration against Green Hills Software, alleging copyright infringement of its ThreadX RTOS. The arbitration was brought by Express Logic against Green Hills Software in June, 2006, for infringement of Express Logic’s copyright on the ThreadX RTOS, as well as for contractual and statutory violations. Green Hills counter-claimed for defamation and contract violations. Express Logic’s claim of copyright infringement was based on its belief that Green Hills Software had engaged in copying ThreadX API source code contained in Express Logic’s tx_api.h header file during the development of the u-velOSity RTOS. The arbitrators, none of whom were judges, noted that Green Hills did in fact copy the ThreadX API header file, but ruled that their copying did not infringe Express Logic’s copyright on ThreadX. The arbitrators also denied all of the non-copyright claims of both parties.

ADLINK Technology Unveils 14-Slot 3U Portable PXI Chassis
ADLINK Technology, Inc. releases the PXIS-2690P-a 14-Slot, 3U portable PXI chassis fully compliant with the PXI specification, rev. 2.2. The PXIS-2690P is designed for military, aero-defense, field testing, and in-vehicle testing applications by providing a touch panel 15″ LCD display, keyboard, touchpad, DVD combo drive, and 500W power supply in an aluminum alloy frame.

Signametrics Reduces Price on 7-1/2 Digit Digital Multimeter
Signametrics announces a price cut on its 7-1/2 digit model 2060 Digital Multimeters. They are now offered at $1,295. With this lower price comes a significant improvement in measurement speed to 4,500 readings per second. Users requiring even more speed can use the 2064 models with their 20,000 readings per second.

Big Faceless Organization Rolls Out Versions of Reporting Software
Big Faceless Organization (BFO), have rung the changes for August and released new versions of all three of their market leading Java based reporting software products. PDF Library version 2.8.4 fixes a memory leak (their first in 18 months) occurring when certain multibyte OpenType fonts were used in forms. All customers are encouraged to upgrade. Other improvements relate to PDF/A support and reading certain types of TIFF image. The Report Generator 1.1.37 is built on Version 2.8.4 of the PDF Library, and 1.1.6 of the Graph Library, and has been released to take advantage of these modifications.

DVS to Demonstrate Video Processing Technology at IBC
DVS will present the video processing technology of the future at this year’s IBC. At booth number 7.421, DVS will demonstrate how post production and broadcasting workflows can be individually optimized. DVS will showcase the latest versions of all its products, their new features, as well as optimal solutions for DI and broadcasting. The company will focus its IBC presence on broadcast, digital cinema, 4K, and partnerships.