Arasan IP Cores for Mobile Industry Processor Interface

Arasan offers a suite of IP Cores that support the emerging MIPI(TM) (Mobile Industry Processor Interface) standards. The new products available include the Display Serial Interface (DSI) IP Core, the Camera Serial Interface (CSI-2) IP Core, and the D-PHY IP Core. The SLIMbus(TM) IP Core (Serial Low-power Inter-chip Media bus) supporting the preliminary draft specification is also available. In addition to the hardware IP, Arasan provides Software drivers and stacks for a number of the interface protocols. Also available is a separate set of Verification IP including bus functional models and tests that can be used to validate the operation of the IP in a unit test and systems environment. Each test platform comes with a set of directed tests designed to exercise the elements of the protocol.

The Layer 2 Digital IP is packaged as synthesizable RTL form has interfaces to common systems buses like ARM’s AMBA AHB bus. Layer 1 Mixed-signal IP is foundry dependent and shipped as GDSII. Custom interfaces will be developed as needed under a special contract. The Software drivers are constructed with a general host/device adaptation layer and application interface layer for easy adaptation and porting to customer specific applications. The Verification IP is shipped in source form and is designed to provide functional coverage of the specifications using an extensive test suite. The MIPI products conform to Arasan’s Total Technology Solution guidelines.

Arasan provides a Total Technology Solution to all its licensees including IP source code, a test environment, sample device drivers, synthesis scripts, and complete technical documentation. The Total Technology Solution also includes optional Product Design Development tools like the Hardware Validation Platform and software targeted for Linux. Custom bus integration services are offered to integrate the IP in a customer specific manner.

Arasan’s Validation Platform is a stand-alone board with used for compliance testing of as well as prototyping, including driver development. The Validation Platform is the easiest way to prototype and to demonstrate compliance for customers. The Platform is available for purchase.

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