New on EDA Blog – 2007.08.03

WiMAX Beats Cellular Data and Wi-Fi Services
According to a US survey, respondents indicated a significant preference for WiMAX over cellular data and Wi-Fi services. The survey was conducted earlier in the year by In-Stat. The respondents were asked a series of questions regarding their interest in various wireless broadband services, with each service description based on what is currently or will soon be available per technology.

Asia Dominates EMS-ODM Market
According to In-Stat, Asia will continue its dominance in the electronics manufacturing services/original design manufacturing (EMS/ODM) markets for at least the next several years. China, with its low-cost advantage and burgeoning demand, will account for nearly 76% of the Asian EMS/ODM market in 2011. In-Stat expects consumer electronics will experience the fastest growth rates, followed by the communications segment. In-Stat believes OEMs will continue to leverage the cost structure of EMS players and outsource their manufacturing to low-cost centers in Asia.

LED Flash
Even though overall LED revenues from cellular handsets will decline, Strategy Analytics forecasts LED flash will grow at a CAAGR of 23% through 2011. Backlighting applications will produce 63% of total LED revenue in 2011. Continuing pressure on ASPs will mean that overall revenues from backlighting applications will drop from $1.30 billion in 2006 to just over $984 million in 2011.

Edutainment Toys Market Growing
According to an In-Stat report, there has been a sharp escalation in the development and marketing of edutainment toys aimed at toddlers, grade-school children, and infants. The edutainment market is distinguished by innovative uses of existing technology typically found in mainstream consumer electronics products. Therefore, semiconductor companies now have an opportunity to leverage existing, portable, multimedia solutions in order to power products found in the price-sensitive edutainment toy market.