ThingMagic Mercury5e Embedded RFID Reader

Mercury 5e is the embedded version of ThingMagic’s Mercury 5 RFID reader. About the same size as an iPod Nano or PCMCIA Type II PC card, it concentrates Mercury 5′s tag reading and writing performance into a tiny package so ThingMagic RFID can be designed into a device. Because it comes fully loaded with state of the art RFID features, it is primed and ready for use in RFID desktop, label, mobile and wearable printers, and handheld and mobile devices. The Mercury5e embedded RFID reader utilizes the Intel RFID Transceiver R1000 chip. The new chip integrates a number of components into a single integrated RFID circuit, and enables digital signal processing and analog data processing on the same chip.

Set to debut publicly at the 5th Annual RFID World conference later this month in Texas, Mercury5e:

  • Combines multi-region capability into a single module, enabling immediate, locally compliant deployment of any Mercury5e in Europe, North America, or South Korea
  • Utilizes an embedded version of the latest “Yagi” MercuryOS, for more 100 percent tag reads, many more simultaneous reads, and the ability to identify and filter interference from other RFID readers, fluorescent lighting, and wireless networks and telephones
  • Optimized for Generation 2 RFID tags, for state of the art performance
  • Supports Generation 2 Dense Reader Mode, and advanced filtering, to reject multiple interference sources
  • Consumes very little power, for maximum battery life and a broader range of applications

Mercury5e is available now on an OEM basis to manufacturers of label makers, print and apply machines, and other embedded, mobile and handheld RFID devices.

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