Atmel AT83C5134, AT83C5135, AT83C5136 Microcontrollers

Based on Atmel’s 8051 X2 core, which executes an instruction in 6 clock periods, the new AT83C5134, AT83C5135 and AT83C5136 8051-based USB microcontrollers have 8-, 16- and 32-Kbytes of ROM code memory, respectively. In addition, two variants of the 32-Kbytes version are available: AT83EC5136 and AT83EI5136 which include 512 bytes and 32 Kbytes, respectively, of EEPROM for data storage. The products feature a USB Full-Speed controller, UART, SPI and a two wire Interface allowing an easy connection to companion devices. The new devices are especially suited for high-volume applications where cost matters more than flexibility and where the code is stable.

The existing AT89C5130 and AT89C5131 devices, with 16- and 32-Kbyte Flash, can be used for development, flexibility and pre-production as pin-to-pin and binary compatibility are preserved when migrating to the new ROM devices. The devices are available with 3.3V supply voltage and support six programmable USB endpoints. Offered in a 32-pin 5x5mm and a 48-pin 7x7mm QFN packages, the new ROM devices provide a broad range of memory sizes for the lowest cost and the smallest physical dimensions.

The AT83C5134, AT83C5135 and AT83C5136 are available now in 32-pin QFN packages. Pricing starts at US$1.30, US$1.40 and US$1.55 for 10k units. The AT83C5136 is also available in a 28-pin SOIC package, 48-pin QFN package and a 64-pin VQFP package.

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