WIN Enterprises MB-07303 PC/104-Plus CPU Module

WIN Enterprises’ MB-07303 is a PC/104-Plus CPU module with AMD(R) Geode(TM) LX800 processor at 500MHz. MB-07303 features CRT support, 18-bit or 24-bit TTL LCD and digital I/O functions that include 2 COMs, four USB 2.0 ports, one Ultra ATA-66 interface, CompactFlash. Low power consumption, low heat production enables fanless operation in a wide temperature range.

The AMD(R) Geode(TM) LX800 processor provides OEMs with cost effective, mid-range performance in a small form factor with low power/low heat characteristics. The AMD(R) Geode(TM) LX800 processor is partnered with the AMD(R) Geode(TM) CS5536 chipset. An optional audio module is available providing mic-in and speaker-out functions.


  • PC/104-Plus module
  • Supports AMD(R) Geode(TM) LX800-500MHz CPU
  • One DDR socket up to 1GB memory
  • Dual 10/100Mbbps PCI bus Ethernet
  • Supports CRT, TTL, TFT LCD interface
  • Two Serial ports
  • Four USB 2.0 ports
  • One Ultra ATA-66 interface & one CompactFlash(TM) type I/II socket
  • AC 97 Audio (Optional)
  • Small form factor: 96 mm x 116 mm

The MB-07303 is available now at the single unit price of $298. Quantity discounting is provided. Allow three weeks for product delivery after order.

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