Sigrity OptimizePI Power Delivery System

Sigrity’s OptimizePI is a next-generation Power Delivery System (PDS) solution that is the first to provide minimum-cost decoupling capacitor (decap) selection and placement to achieve desired PDS performance. OptimizePI is based on Sigrity’s analysis and verification capabilities for the entire PCB and IC package structure. It lets designers assess PDS performance against design specifications, make interactive “what if” decap placement and selection investigations, minimize decap cost for specified PDS performance, and judge performance vs. lowest-cost tradeoffs. The first-ever solution to include these capabilities, OptimizePI helps to eliminate unnecessary costs associated with the common PDS practice of over-design.

OptimizePI considers both component and manufacturing costs during its automated selection and placement of decoupling capacitors. Its use results in significant cost savings, both through component count reduction and selection of lower-cost capacitors, with no degradation of PDS performance. Decap cost savings of 50% have been observed. Using OptimizePI, designers can recapture PCB or IC package area for unnecessarily placed decap pads and vias. The availability of this newly unused area enables them to meet overall product size constraints, more effectively perform escape routing and, potentially, reduce the number of layers in the PCB stack-up to achieve additional cost savings.

OptimizePI completely automates the application of Sigrity’s most advanced power integrity analysis algorithms, and requires no special expertise. It can be used by any PDS designer for new designs, and by manufacturing engineers for existing products. Equally effective for performance-driven and cost-driven product designs, OptimizePI provides a set of minimum-cost decap design alternatives across a range of PDS performance. This data enables designers to quickly recognize and avoid regions of diminishing returns for cost or performance.

OptimizePI is priced from $35,000 (USD) for an annual license.

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