News – 2007.07.24 – Late Edition

IBM, ST to Develop Next-Generation Process Technology
STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM) and IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced that the two companies have signed an agreement to collaborate on the development of next-generation process technology – the “recipe” that is used in semiconductor development and manufacturing.

Altera Announces FPGA IP Support for Industrial Ethernet Protocols
Altera Corporation (NASDAQ: ALTR) announced FPGA-based support for Ethernet communications protocols used in industrial automation applications, including ProfiNet, Ethernet/IP, Modbus-IDA, EtherCAT, SERCOS III Interface, and Ethernet Powerlink. Intellectual property (IP) cores for these key communications protocols can now be implemented on Altera’s low-cost Cyclone(R) series FPGAs.

Evans Data Reports Nokia Leads in Worldwide Development
More wireless developers worldwide plan to support Nokia platforms than any other brand, according to Evans Data’s new Wireless Development Survey to be released to subscribers this week. Nokia’s established European presence dominates that market and it has now also emerged as the leading target for developers in the Asia-Pacific region. Motorola is the most supported brand in North America.

Validity, Cogent to Develop Low Cost Biometric Fingerprint Solutions
Validity Sensors, Inc., a privately held biometric company specializing in high quality durable fingerprint sensors, announced a strategic partnership with Cogent Systems (Nasdaq: COGT) to develop high performance, low cost fingerprint sensor solutions. Cogent Systems is a leading provider of Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems, or AFIS, and other fingerprint biometric solutions to governments, law enforcement agencies and other organizations worldwide. The partnership has already yielded the integration of Validity’s LiveFlex(TM) Fingerprint Sensors with Cogent’s world-class fingerprint reconstruction and matching algorithms.

FormFactor Introduces Fine Pitch Logic Product for Wire Bond Testing
FormFactor, Inc. (Nasdaq: FORM) announced a new fine pitch logic product designed to address the unique testing requirements of wire bond logic and SOC devices. The new platform features the ability to reduce device pad pitch down to 60 microns, to increase the number of die tested in parallel (simultaneously) to x64, and test at temperatures up to 150 degrees C. All of these features are critical to ensuring the performance, quality and reliability of advanced automotive devices, and extend to broader wire bond logic applications.

Emerson Announces MontaVista Linux CGE 4 for KatanaQp, PmPPC7448 Modules
Emerson Network Power’s (NYSE: EMR) Embedded Computing business announced the availability of MontaVista(R) Linux(R) Carrier Grade Edition (CGE) version 4.0 for Emerson’s Katana(R)Qp AdvancedTCA(R) blades and PmPPC7448 ProcessorPMC modules. MontaVista has incorporated support for the KatanaQp blades and PmPPC7448 modules as part of its standard CGE product. Emerson’s dedicated MontaVista team will provide support for the KatanaQp and PmPPC7448, including early access to the latest Carrier Grade Edition releases, bug fixes, security patches, upgrades, benchmarking and optimization.

Toshiba Reduces Time to Market with Magma’s FineSim Pro, FineSim SPICE
Magma Design Automation Inc. (Nasdaq: LAVA), a provider of chip design software, announced that Toshiba Corporation, the world’s largest supplier of semiconductors for consumer electronics, adopted Magma’s FineSim(TM) Pro and FineSim SPICE circuit simulation products. Toshiba’s semiconductor group is using FineSim Pro and FineSim SPICE on its most aggressive designs to achieve superior performance and accuracy.