TI C642x Digital Signal Processors

TI’s (NYSE: TXN) TMS320C6424 DSP and the TMS320C6421 DSP deliver more than 2.5X price/performance improvement, helping OEMs lower overall cost per channel of telecom enterprise gateway and IP-PBX products. Additional applications that are well-suited for the C642x DSPs include printers, scanners, copiers and wireless applications such as pico base stations, home gateways and wireless entertainment devices.

TI’s new C642x digital signal processors start at only $8.95 in 10 Ku quantities. Leveraging an effective combination of integrated peripherals, on-chip memory and high performance, the C642x DSPs address customers’ needs to reduce overall system costs and improve performance in telecom and networked DSP applications. The devices are 100% upward code-compatible with existing TMS320C6000(TM) DSPs and can be programmed utilizing TI’s proven eXpressDSP(TM) software that supports open source and third party software. The processors are supported by new C6424 DSP evaluation module (EVM) and development tools, helping to simplify system development and encourage innovation.

The C642x DSPs provide high DSP performance at an affordable price. Based on the TMS320C64x+(TM) DSP core, the performance of the C6424 DSP and C6421 DSP peaks at 4800 MMACs at 600 MHz. Powerful I/O capabilities are enabled by the EDMA 3.0 with 4.8 GB/s throughput and the 333 MHz DDR2 memory interface. The C6421 DSP at 400 MHz is the lowest cost C64x DSP, and is pin for pin compatible with other C642x DSPs allowing scalability in performance, feature set and price. The on-chip Ethernet MAC reduces the bill of materials (BOM) for networked DSP applications. The large on-chip memory further reduces BOM cost by reducing the need for external memory. The C6424 and C6421 DSPs deliver a 1.6X to 2X boost in raw DSP processing power (e.g. peak 16-bit MMACs), and with a 50 percent price reduction, enable more than a 2.5X price/performance improvement over previous generation DSPs.

Both new DSPs are available in 400, 500 and 600 MHz speeds. The C6421 DSP provides 16 KB of L1D and 16 KB of L1P and 64 KB of L2 SRAM cache for a total of 96 KB. The C6421 DSP also includes two EMIF interfaces, a 16-bit 266 MHz DDR2 and an 8-bit EMIFA, and a VLYNQ and McBSP and McASP interface. The C6424 DSP features 80 KB of L1D, 32 KB of L1P, and 128 KB of L2 SRAM cache for a total of 240 KB. The C6424 includes a 32-bit 333 MHz DDR2 and a 16-bit EMIFA, a PCI 33 MHz or VLYNQ interface for an optional FPGA interface and two McBSP or a McASP interface. The C6424 and C6421 DSPs also feature an EMAC (RMII/MII) or HPI / RMII, two UARTs, I2C, GPIO, three PWM and two 64b-timers. The two chips are pin compatible with each other so they can easily be swapped out to increase performance or reduce cost. Both new DSPs are available in two sizes, a 16 mm by 16 mm, the smallest package size ever offered for a C64x DSP, and a 23 mm by 23 mm ball grid array (BGA) package at 0.8 mm pitch and 1.0 mm pitch respectively.

The TMS320C6424 and TMS320C6421 DSPs are available now in sample quantities and will be available in production quantities in the fourth quarter of 2007. The C6424 DSP is priced at $15.95 for 400 MHz, $19.95 for 500 MHz and $24.95 for 600 MHz parts. Pricing for the C6421 DSP is $8.95 for 400 MHz, $11.95 for 500 MHz and $16.95 for 600 MHz parts. Bundled products comprised of Surf software and TI C642x DSPs are available now; C6424SURFVDZWT6 at $30.36 includes the voice and video software bundle with a TMS320C6424 600 MHz DSP, and C6421SURFVOZWT4 at $12.35 includes the voice software bundle with TMS320C6421 400 MHz DSP.

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