Kontron ETX-CN8 Multimedia Computer-On-Module

The RoHS-compliant Kontron ETX-CN8 multimedia Computer-On-Module is the company’s third ETX(R) 3.0-compliant module since the official launch of the ETX 3.0 specification. The Kontron ETX-CN8 module is based on VIA C7(R) or the new Eden(R) processors scalable from 400MHz up to 1,5GHz, as well as the latest and future-proved VIA CN800 and VIA VT8237R+ chipset.

RoHS-compliant Kontron ETX-CN8 Multimedia Computer-On-ModuleThe CN800 chipset delivers the latest, highly integrated graphics offering dual display support (VGA/DVI/LVDS) and optimized power efficiency. The Kontron ETX-CN8 is designed for applications such as infotainment, gaming, medical, and smart battery powered devices, all of which require high-end dual graphics up to WUXGA as well as PCI, ISA, SATA and USB 2.0 in addition to all of the standard ETX interfaces at an optimized price/performance ratio.

The Kontron ETX-CN8 carries a comprehensive range of integrated storage, multimedia and connectivity options, including 2x Serial ATA and support for RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 0+1 arrays. AC97-compliant audio also is supported. For demanding dual graphics, the new Kontron COM offers dual VGA and dual DVI/LVDS support including TV-out options and has an integrated MPEG-2 video decoding accelerator.

Uncompromising security performance is ensured by the VIA PadLock Security Engine working in concert with leading-edge security software. Features include a Random Number Generator and an Advanced Cryptography Engine supporting AES encryption, secure hash SHA-1/SHA-256 encryption and accelerated RSA algorithm computation (through the inclusion of a Montgomery Multiplier).

Memory up to 2GB of fast DDR2-SDRAM can be implemented. If required by a customer application, a VIA Eden 7 Low Power processor with 400 MHz (TDP 2,5 W) also is available.

All of this fits on a 95 mm x 114 mm footprint. Additional extensive software add-ons bundled with all Kontron COMs facilitate the custom baseboard design.

Board support packages for the most current operating systems such as Windows XP Embedded, Windows CE and Linux are available for download. In the near future, additional modules for high-performance processors from Intel(R) and AMD(R) will further expand Kontron’s wide spread portfolio of ETX 3.0 modules.

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