News – 2007.07.11

Cornet Offers Embedded Design, Manufacturing Service
As COTS vendors abandon older products to stay competitive, they create a void for customers who rely on these products. Where others see obsolescence, Cornet Technology, Inc. sees opportunity. Hence the company’s communications division is launching an Embedded Design and Manufacturing Service to address the engineering needs of low quantity, long-term military and aerospace programs. This service is a natural progression for Cornet Technology, Inc. which has an 18-year history of providing responsive custom products to military clients.

MPEG Video IC Market to Grow to 1.6 billion Units by 2011
With video capture and playback now appearing in previously untapped markets, the MPEG video IC market has plenty of room for growth, reports In-Stat. MPEG IC unit shipments will grow from 649 million in 2006 to 1.6 billion in 2011, the high-tech market research firm says. MPEG video ICs are used in the compression and decompression of video streams in many consumer devices from small mobile handsets to large digital TV sets.

eDevice BridgeD130 Connects Dial-up Modem to GPRS Network
BridgeD130 is a PSTN2GPRS converter that connects wired modems to wireless networks. This very unique product allows customers to switch from PSTN to GPRS without any changes in their infrastructure hence creating a serious opportunity for wireless carriers in the M2M area (Machine-to-Machine).

IBASE Debuts Mini-ITX Barebone System with AMD Geode LX Motherboard
IBASE, a leader in the manufacture of IPC motherboards and systems, is pleased to announce a low power Mini-ITX barebone system supporting the MB500 AMD Geode LX motherboard with processing speeds up to 600MHz. Measuring 190 x 190 x 78mm, the CMI100-500 plastic case has a nice shiny black finish and is ideal for space-constraint embedded applications.

CVRx Implants ARC Configurable Core in Blood Pressure Reduction Device
ARC International (LSE:ARK) announced that CVRx(R), Inc. has chosen a member of the configurable ARC(R) 600 core family to drive its Rheos(TM) Baroreflex Hypertension Therapy(TM) System. CVRx chose a configurable ARC core because of its very small size, ability to operate using extremely low power, and long-term reliability – all key criteria for “deeply embedded” organic applications.

Red Bend Software’s Firmware Over-the-Air Shipments Grow by 43%
Red Bend Software, the market leader in Mobile Software Management and Firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA) updating solutions for mobile phones and wireless modules, announced record growth for its FOTA solution. In the second quarter, Red Bend’s vCurrent(R) Mobile software shipped on 45 million mobile phones, propelling Red Bend to 150 million total units shipped to date – and exceeding its Q2 forecast by 10 million. This represents an increase of 43 percent over first quarter 2007, when there were 105 million phones shipped with vCurrent Mobile.

Privaris Selects AuthenTec Fingerprint Sensor for Biometric Device
AuthenTec (NASDAQ:AUTH), the world’s leading provider of fingerprint sensors, announced that its biometric fingerprint sensors have been selected by Privaris for its plusID(TM) line of personal hand-held biometric security products. Privaris plans to certify interoperability between its plusID family of personal, handheld biometric identity verification tokens and RSA SecurID(R) two-factor authentication technology from RSA, The Security Division of EMC (NYSE:EMC).