Kontron EPIC/PM Board

The Kontron EPIC/PM is based on the 90nm Intel(R) Pentium(R) M 745 processor and offers complete PC/104-Plus functionality with both PCI and ISA expansion. As with other Kontron products, the EPIC family of boards maintains the same internal and external I/O connector locations for easy scalability without changing the enclosure design. The Kontron EPIC/PM also boasts an Intel(R) Pentium(R) M 745 processor with 1.8 GHz and 2 MB L2 cache for excellent performance. For cost sensitive applications or fanless operation, the Kontron EPIC/PM is also available in ULV Celeron M 373 with 1 GHz (512 KB L2) or Intel processor Celeron 800 MHz (0KB L2) Versions.

Kontron EPIC/PM BoardThe Kontron EPIC/PM offers an unrivalled number of front mounted I/O connections for reduced cabling and ease of accessibility. It includes four high-speed USB 2.0 interfaces, two 10/100 BaseT LAN ports, PS/2 keyboard & mouse, VGA, 5.1 Sound, LPT, and a serial interfaces. This range of functions, similar to that found in a desktop PC motherboard, are inexpensively equipped in one compact package. For solid state operation, a compact flash socket is provided on the front. Additional on-board interfaces include two USB 2.0 interfaces, three COM ports, an 8 pin GPIO interface, EIDE, floppy, and a CompactFlash socket. System memory of up to 2GB is possible with two DDR SODIMM sockets.

VGA and 18 bit LVDS support is handled by Intel’s Extreme Graphics 2 engine which is integrated into the chipset and allows up to 2x 32 MB of UMA graphics memory and dual independent display support. DVO is also supported on board. The LVDS interface is supported by JILI, a universally functional interface from Kontron that is available for all standard panels. This allows OEMs to choose a display that best fits the application without concern for panel interface compatibility.

A watchdog timer, real-time clock, LANBoot and DarkBoot round out the feature set. These features are part of the software tool-suite EVA, which is included with every Kontron EPIC product. EVA (Embedded Value Add) facilitates the use of the product in assembly, maintenance and operation.

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